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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Real Trapper

He was a real trapper but John and I trapped more wild hogs then he and John did when he came out to trap with John. He was very picky how the traps were set and we just did it our way. He was from up north but moved this museum to the San Antonio area. When he decided to close it down he sold some of the smaller animals and he left the elephant and giraffe in the building because it would have cost so much to remove them from the building. Dale died of colon cancer a few years ago.


madcobug said...

I imagine that elephant and giraffe would be hard to move. Guess they were destroyed but a museum would probably loved to have got them. Helen

Anonymous said...


garnett109 said...

great pic

jack69 said...

The professional trapper must be pickier to show the neophites he is a professional. He indeed did have a great collection, and a good story too (I enjoyed the book). Amazing what money can help you accomplish, along with knowledge. He definitely knew trapping. But there is a lot knowledge from experience, especially if it is YOUR neck of the woods!

Lucy said...

He was a great trapper. Had quite a collection. I remember the boys, my brother used to set traps on the farm. I was always afraid that a dog may step in it. O f course this morning I would liked to have both Joe and Spunky in a trap ay 5:00 AM

Dar said...

I saw this picture and immediately was taken back to a place in northeast TX., where a hunter/trapper has a similar display, one large pole building full and a loft. Amazing.
Today, I feel like Lucy, wishing to trap a couple grandLoves...they ARE ambitious and I AM feeling LESS ambitious.

Toon said...

My dad sets live traps for anything that might harm his cat friends -- and it's usually the cats who end up in them!

Shirl 72 said...

What a beautiful display. The Giraffe and
Elephant would have looked good on your ranch.
On our place in Charlotte Jim found a cat caught
in a trap and brought him home took him to the
Vet. had to have his leg amputed. We named him
Cracker and he lived with us a long time. He would not stay in the house. Cracker decided to cross our busy hi-way and went to Cat Heaven.
When some animals get caught it is sad.


Lisa said...

Wow what an amazing collection of animals!!
Lisa in KY

Paula said...

Okaaay??? Just a test.