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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ginger Said Noooo Way

John fell in love with Ginger and agreed to buy her so here we go down Turtle road to pick her up this morning. She was relaxing on the ground under a tree near the double gate just as if she was waiting for us. WRONG! She hadn't fallen in love with John at all. Her owners came out and started their feeding ritual thinking she would step right into the trailer. WRONG again. Ginger is not only fat and beautiful, she is one smart cow. She figured out what a rope means quickly and she didn't want any part of it. The people don't have cattle pens. They don't raise cattle. This is a pet. John and I finally hid behind a tree while they sweet talked her. No luck. While we had the tiny Turtle road blocked with the truck the neighbors ask John if he wanted to buy their cows. Does cows like hay? If John can buy a cow at a bargain he is game. We came home and he has hired a guy with a larger trailer and to help so out we'll go again in the morning. He has bought a bull named Clyde and I don't know the other's names. I can't blame Ginger for not wanting to leave the only home she has known. Lots of green grass and a tank stocked with fish right at the back door. A large deck with a hot tub. Oh thats right cows don't fish and soak in hot tubs.


Indigo said...

Sounds like Ginger is a little "Mooody". (Hugs)Indigo

jack69 said...

I like Ginger's comment, Moooody!!
I thought for a minute the owners had allowed Ginger to use the hot tub. hahahahaha.

I hope Clyde and Ginger like each other.

What would John be doing if he wasn't buying cows?
Ah, ha! You would probably rather he buy cows!!!
From Tennessee!
Jack & Sherry

Dar said...

Ginger will get used to her new surroundings. If she is already a pet, maybe she will follow you to feed the turtles. Good luck in the morning.
Ginger and Clyde...hmmm, that has a nice ring to it.
Have a Wonderful Weekend, Paula and John

salemslot9 said...

maybe, one of the other
cows is named Bonnie


you would've remembered
Bonnie & Clyde


Ally Lifewithally said...

I am sure one Ginger arrives at your place she will be glad she has picked such caring owners ~ Ally x

I liked Bonnie and Clyde ~ perhaps you can rename one of your other cows !!!! :O)

Lucy said...

Oh no, not another bull. Cows I do not trust but none has stalked me like the bull that my whole family called a calf. I think I was traumatized for life. I hope no one steps on Lucy.

garnett109 said...

they like soaking in steak sauce

Sheila said...

Ginger will love it at your place once she gets there. Have a great weekend, Sheila

~mel said...

Cows can be mighty stubborn ~ even when you're doing something nice for them. I hope the lovely couple enjoys their new home once they get situated.

Fernan said...

Pet cows can come in very handy. Calling trusty one in can save a fellow having to go out and drive them all home.
A pet cow can, when you're wanting them all to go wherever, look at you liking, "You don't mean me!"
On still another hand when one pet cow had blown out a quarter, after a few days she come to meet me in/at the squeeze chute for daily treatments. Of course a couple pounds shell corn couldn't have been any influence to her cooperation.

Lori said...

Maybe Ginger should stay there, and you could move in with her! lol