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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Ate M&M's When I Was Fifty

According to the news media we are going into a dry hot spell. El Nino or La Nina which ever that is. We've been lucky so far to have plenty of rain to make thick green grass and the stock tanks are full. We haven't had any triple digit days so its been a good summer so everything has been good. I make a motion when we get to be along about 70 years we could start going backward and get a year younger every year. I could look forward to mowing two yards and trimming with hand held trimmers in the noon day sun. Of course after watching "All My Children" on my lunch break. I wonder if Erica is still having weddings or has she settled down with one man? In my forties and fifties I could climb on ladders to paint and not be afraid of falling down. I could have coffee breaks with friends instead of appointments with doctors. I could eat M&M's instead of taking pills. On second thought I wouldn't have a computer with all those wonderful friends inside, friends from different states and across the pond. Friends whom I would have never known existed so I guess I will stay 74 since I don't have a choice anyway. I enjoy reading each and every one of your blogs to see whats going on in your life today. When you have time or a reason to comment in mine thats great if not thats okay too.


garnett109 said...

I agree and have a great weekend

jack69 said...

We'll all just stay this age and enjoy every minute we can.
Good post, I always look forward to reading:
pauline's contry tales.

Well we are off for a walk. I am glad you found Ginger. i forgot and was looking for her all the way up thru Michigan. There are some beautiful pastures up here she might like (But I bet she would freeze her udder parts off in the winter up here!!!)
Love from the Upper peninsula!

salemslot9 said...

I haven't tried the new pretzel M&M's, yet
maybe, we'll get some for Halloween

I used to watch All My Children a long time ago
now, we like Coronation Street

when's your birthday?

Paula said...

My birthday was yesterday the 28th. Thanks for asking and have a good day tomorrow.

Sheila said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! I started counting backwards at 39...ha.
Glad the runaways were found... :)
Take care, Sheila

Toon said...

I would like my life to be as easy and consistent as my pets' lives are.

Toon said...

Ps Happy Birthday!!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula hope your day is going well ~ Happy belated birthday was it the 28th ??? ~ Ally x

Lori said...

I guess we gain a lot with all we have to give up as we get older. Like you say, we don't have much choice, so we might as well enjoy the good things we have.