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Saturday, July 24, 2010

If You See Two Cows Hitchhiking-----

Ginger is all red and fat and the neighbor cow doesn't have a name and she is black with a little white on her face. When Ginger was first let out of the pen she ran to the black cow and started butting her. I think she knew it was her neighbor. Then they started hanging together away from the herd. They have been so spoiled and hand fed I think they are anti social with other cows. In other words they don't know how to share or graze and drink together. Yesterday and today we can't find them. There are a lot of places to hide so they may be somewhere ignoring the other cows. I told John where I would go if I were a cow but they weren't there. Under a big oak tree and water in the dry creek bed. Lots of green grass up the hill. I wanted to go look again late this afternoon but he didn't want to. Soooo if you see two cows hitch hiking head 'em this way.


jack69 said...

Ain't seen them in Detroit. Don't think they will head this way, maybe toward North Carolina. I will have the kids checking.

They may be looking for a job with chicken filet. Painting signs.

I know they will show up, but they are mad at the previous owners!
From Michigan,
Sherry & jack

Fernan said...

"Two cow's hitchhiking." you say.
They aren't in this corner of Michigan's Shorthorn country either.
If I should see them, you want me to send them packing SSW or you'll have John come and pick them up?


Martha (MM) said...

I'll be on the lookout! ;-)

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Maybe they are the "Paris and Nicole" of the cow world....if they make it to NC i'll e-mail you ......LOL....!!.....Loved it!

Lucy said...

I will send them home if I see them. I will even tell them to watch out for traffic.

garnett109 said...

There is a few cows up here in Pa. but none of them have a Texan Drawl!

Ally Lifewithally said...

LOL Paula if I do see them I will send them home to you ~ I did come across some pigs wandering down a country lane ~ But I din't think you would want them ~ Ally x

Dar said...

A horse went by but no cows today...if they happen by, I will feed and water them for you and put them on the back of my sisters truck when she returns to TX at the end of Aug. That'll learnum' to take off. A 2 day ride in the back of a pick-up could get hairy on the interstate.

Toon said...

I hope they turn up soon with great stories to tell.

Missie said...

I'll be looking for them! LOL

Shirl 72 said...

Jack ask me to check here They had a cow working at our new Chick-fil-A in NC. I will call the Manager tomorrow and ask if she is from Texas. If she is I will make sure she gets paid and make arrangements to get her back home.


Lori said...

If I see two cows hitchhiking, I'm going to wonder what's been put in my water! ;)