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Friday, July 9, 2010

One Of Zillions

I don't know how I was able to single out just one. These sunflowers are everywhere at the ranch. We drive through them, around them, and over then. Some are twice as tall as we are. This is not the large type that have the seeds people sell for bird seed. These are only about two inches wide. They are a pesky weed. I know I've said this here before that farmers and ranchers hate them. They sap the precious moisture out of the land where they like green grass to grow to feed the cattle. The cattle doesn't eat the sunflowers so they are a useless crop. Yes any flower is pretty but when you live in south texas if you admire sunflowers too much you feel like a traitor.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Well I think it's pretty and maybe since it's small, it won't drink too much water. Can you dry and eat the seeds from the little ones?


jack69 said...

All right Paula you have crossed the line. Down grading a flower to a weed!@!! hahahahahaha

folks love sunflower seeds. EAting them will allow you to live forever, 'didn't you know that?'

Every time I say that I think of John Voight in Mid NIght Cowboy. "I'm a Jigalo, Didn't you know that?"

I think every area has that crop they dispise, around here it is Dudzu (?).

Keep on trucking and riding the country roads!

Melanie said...

kudzu I wish I had weeds that pretty!!!


jack69 said...

That is Cudzu around here. I ain't correcting nothing else!!!! lol

Paula said...

Now I'm convinced bloggers doesn't like to eat steak. Steak= cows=grass-sunflowers. No Jimmy the sunflowers here do not make seeds to eat. They are not used for anything that I know of. This one by itself is unusual. They are so thick in some places you can hardly walk through them.

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~mel said...

ALL plants are native to some place and are considered a weed ... then there's people like me who go to the greenhouses and nursery catalogs and pay big bucks for them. I had a friend who lived in Shrilanka and he was amazed when he came to the United States and saw us BUYING the biggest weed over there ~ the Wave Petunia.

Dar said...

yup, Paula, we all have weeds of some sort...some folks even consider me to be one...a real pest!
You put it on the mark...I love weeds, cause I love that cows will eat most, and I love eating that thick steak......even at high dollar prices.
Mel, what ya doing up at 4:36 on a Sat. morning...go back to bed

Rose said...

I have a whole row of sunflowers the little ones that Dayton planted. they are about 2 feet high now. I just planted some of the big ones for fall...I LOVE THEM. I guess one guy's weed is another's lovely flower!

Lynne said...

All I have is brown grass, living in the middle of a now-plowed wheat field, LOL. I think your flower is bee-you-ti-ful, but get why it is not wanted. I guess too much of one thing is not a good thing, even when it is a weed-looking flower thingy!

garnett109 said...

the birds got to eat too

Lucy said...

I love your header. The weed/flower is really pretty.

Lisa said...

I'm always amazed at how tall sunflowers grow. My mom planted them one year and they were all taller than both of us. I wonder if you could sell the seeds for people around the country who want to grow them?
Lisa in Kentucky

Toon said...

My dad HATES sunflowers. They are weeds where I'm from.

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

Carlene Noggle said...

But it's sooooo pretty!

Gerry said...

All the ranchers I knew hated them and as a result of all that cussing when sunflower 'weeds' invaded a field, I had mixed emotions about them, but I am glad that somebody thought to grow them into a big flower lots of people now love. I am objective and can love the flower and hate the weed.