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Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrate Nature

When you're had an online journal as long as I have and you are used to writing most every day and things change you feel lost when you don't seem to have a country tale to write about. If you have read any of the poems I post then forgive me and feel free to click the little white X in the little red square in the upper right corner.

Celebrate Nature

As I look out the window I see a picture, all the beautiful colors make a delightful mixture.
Trees in the background, standing proud and tall. Leaves turning golden, amost ready to fall.
A small round pond sits off to the right. Take in the view its quite a sight.
Deer walking the edge, leaving their tracks, skunks prancing 'round with a stripe down their backs.
The sun is setting, being caught by the night, then the moon will come out to make a light.
"Celebrate Nature" will be the name. Step back admire and just add a frame.
Pauline Lieck


Lisa said...

That's a beautiful poem Pauline. The older I get and the more time I get to know the Lord, the more I realize when I am outdoors how much He created just for us to enjoy. I find His beauty, love and generous heart in so much around me. I like your country roads on your side bar.

salemslot9 said...

nothing to forgive

my John's brother
hit a deer
with his motorcycle
he had surgery
on 2 vertebrae
in his back
he'll probably be
in hospital for
the next 3 days
we'd appreciate it
if you would
say a prayer
for his recovery

forgot to ask
about the deer

Toon said...

Very nice. I've tried poetry before and I just don't have a hand for it.

Anonymous said...

I've been one to complain about cloying emotionality in poems, but this one is quite good.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely poem Paula ~ Ally x

Shirl 72 said...

Your poems are beautiful and thoughtful. My
brother loves to read them. They are headed
home and I will be glad to see them. Our
"Auntie" ia now in Hospice Care. Jack and I are the only ones left. Paula your Blogs are so interesting and I love to read them althought I don't always comment.



jack69 said...

Wellll I follow my sister here. She knows how I have bragged about your silly poems and the serious ones. I love your style. Your poems made my book, thanks for allowing me to publish them in "Toby's Tales". BTW Toby liked them too!

Lucy said...

I love your poems . It makes me feel alive and it gets me out of the feeling of being in limbo. I like your blog and always make it if I can gw=et to the pc.

Fernan said...

So! Repeat a country tale.
I may not have read them all.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I enjoy your poems. Many people don't express their thoughts and abilities. It seems sad that they don't let their inner child outside to play every once in a while.

Nice post!


Lori said...

I REALLY like this one!