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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tillie The Toothbrush

Tillie the toothbrush was sitting in a big department store, she thought why doesn't someone buy me so my life won't be a bore.
Tillie was straight in her little cellophane box, she said I'm so glad I'm a toothbrush and don't have to wear socks.
Her color was pink and bristles so white, a little girls teeth she could brush just right.
Along came a shopper to take Tillie home, she was put into the shopping bag beside Carolyn the comb.
They decided right then and there they could be pals. Tillie and Carolyn knew they would be good together grooming little gals.
As luck would have it the shopper had a pretty little girl, so Tillie toothbrush made her teeth look like a pearl.
Carolyn comb went about straightening each little tangle, then she left one little strand over her ear to dangle.
Now Tillie was happy and Carolyn was too, for every day of their life they had something useful to do.
Just something silly for you by Pauline Lieck


jack69 said...

I love it. Your originality is amazing!
Love the entry.

Now that Tillie is happy, we Hope all else is well.

Lisa said...

What a cute entry!! You made me smile today!!!

Marty said...

Nice story ... I'll share it with my niece and nephew!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love it!!


Toon said...

At least a little boy didn't buy them -- they'd never get used!

Sheila said...

Cute Paula, loved it!
Take care, Sheila

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula that was such a lovely little entry I really did enjoy it ~ Thankyou ~ Ally x

Shirl 72 said...

Now I got to think of a name for my toothbrush.
I didn't realize they needed a name. Her name will be "Lillie". I am going to name my comb "Smoothy".


~mel said...

Awww shucks ... now that was really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh Paula...with talent like that you should make a book ... for children to read...oh I know...there are lotsa books for children out there...and what would one more do...I think it would do great...and stories about the girls growing up...that ranch...go for it girl...I cannot wait!!!!!! and hugs

Martha (MM) said...

How adorable! I agree with Ora, you really should think about putting all your little poems together for a book!
Have a great weekend Paula :-)