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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Hospital

The picture (not a good one I know) in my last entry was the only hospital in our county back then. I remember the doctor's office was to the right of the double doors and the examining room was to the left. To the far left and the back was the hospital. It looked better then, in fact to a kid it looked and smelled sterile. We didn't go to doctors and hospitals much as we lived in the country and my Mama didn't drive often. One time I do remember being taken to the doctor's office there for a rash on my hand that wouldn't heal. We sat and sat and the doctor didn't show up. Probably out delivering a baby in the country. My Daddy being impatient we finally went home and Mama cleared it up with some home remedy. I'll never forget the woman sitting next to us in the waiting room after discussing childhood illnesses with Mama pulled an envelope out of her purse and showing Mama a worm wrapped in a paper. It was gross then and its gross now,so why am I telling it here? Because it is a memory that has stayed with me when I see that old hospital. The hospital is located in the strawberry capital of Texas just north of us. Not a pretty town except their water tower is painted like a strawberry. In April thousands of people converge on this town to eat strawberry shortcake, dance to country music and shop the many arts and craft booths. One day I was walking the cemetary in this town and came upon the grave of Dr. Ware who ran that hospital. I remember him having a wife who worked with him but there was no grave for her. Where was she buried, who had the money to build this hospital? Now our county has a nice modern hospital just down the street from us but I will always remember Dr. Ware who came to our house in the country to deliver me.


Toon said...

I was close. I said clinic. What's my prize?? ;)

jack69 said...

Yeah it is amazing what the country doctors did and how they survived. Most folks had NO insurance and the visits were put on the books, people paid as they could.

Sherry tells of a nurse/receptionist who was going to bill her mother. The Dr. said you leave Mrs harris alone, she will pay, she always has!

I always liked that story. A Dr. with a heart for his patients, not sure today, it seems more a business always with a precription and make another appointment before you leave.

Ah ha, one of your mysteries, where is the Dr. wife!!!????

Sheila said...

I hope you are having a nice week. Sheila

Barbara said...

I like "listening" to memories like that.

Anonymous said...

I Like the ebay and marketing

madcobug said...

I saw the other entry first. Funny how we remember a few things from way back when and still associate them with things. Have a nice weekend. Helen

Lori said...

Well I was way off!! lol