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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Answers

Not that I'm an expert but as to what I've heard yes Mel the rattlesnakes do hole up in the winter but we still have to be on guard as it doesn't get very cold down where we are south of san antonio. I haven't needed to wear a coat in several years. Most time a long sleeve shirt is warm enough and sometime a sweater or light jacket. Yes Lucy occasionally a rattlesnake will bite a cow but it doesn't happen often and you would think it would the way they walk through the tall grass and weeds. Someone ask about the coyotes and wild dog packs. John hasn't been bothered with coyotes but if we are out late we can hear them in the distance or see one cross the road in front of us and then stop to look back as if we are invading his territory. As for the wild dog packs not too often but if there are any, farmers and ranchers will take care of them in short order as they do not want dogs chasing cattle as it makes them lose weight. They don't want their cows to look like Twiggy. There is one thing I know for sure us driving through the tall dead sunflowers and weeds have given us both terrible allergies.


jack69 said...

Thanks for the answers I am sure we all were thinking about at one time or the other.

Rattlers just ain't my thing. But I do want to eat one one day! ...... Okay maybe a bite or two just to check it out! LOL

Toon said...

Cattle make a lot of noise and vibrations when they walk -- so rattlers know to move. Most snakes want nothing to do with us or any other creature.

FrankandMary said...

I adore sunflowers but that have me sneezing live or dead. I keep them around anyway though.
I've seen my share of snakes, but none that ever bothered me. ~Mary