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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mother Nature Even Has The Rattlesnakes Confused

The wind blew like March today. It has been hot but is supposed to get cooler tonight. Our news paper has two pictures of men who have killed rattlesnakes with guns. One was a young man in Charlotte who killed a 5' 2" with a 12 gauge. The other was an elderly man not far from us who killed a 19" with one button in his yard with a BB gun. Now I'm thinking this little snake has to have a mama somewhere and it lives here in town. Shouldn't these guys be thinking of hibernation? The elderly man has caught 102 skunks since he moved to this location. Some of his skunks meander down this way sometime and leave their odor. Sometime we even see one. I don't know if I should think we live in the country or in town. I raced with an exotic deer, saw a fawn by the senior apartments, saw two javelinas on the street, spotted a roadrunner and a squirrel. I'm sure the squirrels will move to this street in a few years. John's pecan tree made about 20 pecans as far as I can count. If the weather is right it will grow and make more and more. The Texas Parks and Wildlife says there are nine kinds of rattlesnakes in Texas and they say their fangs seldom penetrate canvas shoes and almost never penetrate leather shoes or boots. I would have never thought that about canvas. I always though a person needed to wear boots in rattlesnake country. They say snakes should be respected as a fascinating and helpful member of the outdoors. Okay I say as long as they are going the oppsite direction of me.


jack69 said...

All I have to say is thanks for the education. Sherry explained the daddy long leggs and the mama long legs. I liked her explaination. I think I understand.

You can keep the rattlers out there, confused or not!!!

Sounds like you are spotting a lot of wild life, so you must be country!!!

Take care and keep the cattle happy and keep the feed coming to the turtles!!! After all you are the Cowgirl in charge now!!now!!!

Donna said...

I've read that there are rattlesnakes in south Missouri, but I haven't heard of any around here. Copperheads are the most common in this area, and although I have seen one or two, they don't seem to be that abundant.
Thank God!

Jon said...

102 skunks?!?!?? Wow! I thought all the skunks lived in MY city (big smile inserted here).
I've seen numerous different kinds of rattlesnakes here in TX but I never knew there were nine kinds. I always wear heavy boots because of the snakes, although there seem to be fewer of them where I live now than when I lived in San Angelo.
This must be a good year for pecans. I have seven trees in my back yard and they are loaded with pecans.

garnett109 said...

Tastes like chicken

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Snake sightings are rare up here in the high country.....usually tooooo cold.. but, this year we had a black snake trying to get in the Visitor Center for the A/C....!!!!


Toon said...

No snakes stirring was 32 this morning.

Lucy said...

No snakes or skunks ever as far as I am concerned. To put it mildly, I can not stand either.

~mel said...

I am not a snake fan ~ we even have rattlers in Wisconsin; but they're in the southeastern part of the state. We have a friend that lives down there and he said a guy stopped by his place one day with a gunny sack and a big stick. He asked if he could go back behind his place up by the rock bluff and look for rattlers. Our friend told him, 'we don't have rattle snakes in Wisconsin'. Well... the guy went up into the bluffs and came back down a couple hours later and he had collect 52 of those buggers!! Lesson learned.

Shirl 72 said...

I don't like snakes I don't care what color
they are. I have not seen any rattlesnakes in this area, but I sure they are in the woods.
My squirrels are getting very active they love
the cool weather. I do have some woods in my
back and side where I live although I am in the


Have Myelin? said...

"John's pecan tree made about 20 pecans as far as I can count."

For some reason that made me laugh and laugh! =)

Lori said...

Wow! A 5'2" snake is taller than I am!! Once my sister told my nephew that if he saw a snake to run in the opposite direction, and he said, "Okay. Which way's the opposite direction?"

Have Myelin? said...

LOL@Lori! Ummmm...that comment made me sputter coffee all over my laptop!