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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Nice Day For Rattlesnakes

We got a late start to the ranch today so the turtles had a late breakfast of wheat bread crumbs. They are so appreciative and don't complain. The stock tank water is getting clearer with the fresh water running in. Some of the cows always discover the water running out of the pipe and will hang around to drink their water from the pipe. Can't blame them there. Some were wading out into the water to get away from the green slimy pollen. We started our search to find Pal and her new calf. We drove up to the gate to the west property after not finding them by the tank or on the east property. I was in the truck sipping my hot coffee and John was by the gate getting ready to unlock it so he could drive through. He was standing near the end of the gate where there is a cactus bush. I couldn't believe there was a large rattlesnake near his feet but on the oppisite side of the gate. It was slowly crawling away as John was still and quiet and hadn't disturbed it. He was intent on searching the land with his eyes for the cow and calf. John is hard of hearing and was preoccupied and didn't hear me saying there is a snake by your feet. I jumped from the truck almost upsetting my hot coffee. By the time I got his attention the snake had crawled off into the cactus bush where it probably has it's nest as they like to live in that type of hole under the plants in the fence line. We could see it was a large rattlesnake. The morning had been cool and it was beginning to heat up so Mr. Snake was ready to get out of the sun. We didn't have a hoe. shovel or anything to kill it with so now we are going to have to remember to be careful when we unlock that gate. This ranch is well known for rattlesnakes but we hadn't seen one in quite some time. John thinks the wild hogs have thinned them out. We found Pal and gave her some cubes and she is none the worse for wear after giving birth to a large bull calf. After scanning for a while we spotted her baby far into the pasture in the tall weeds and grass. We could just barely make out the white markings on his face and could tell he was walking slowly toward us and not minding his mama and staying where she hid him. The renters in the farm house have cleaned around the house and removed the old couches (thank goodness) because they are trying to get their grandkids back to live with them. They know the ropes and CPS will come out to check the surroundings. They will have to watch those kids closely as former renters have killed a rattlesnake beside the front porch.


Sheila said...

Glad the snake slithered off without causing any trouble...maybe you'll get it next time. Take care, Sheila

Have Myelin? said...

I am deaf. As a child I used to run as fast as I could to the house next door where my cousin lived. (hoping I would be faster than the rattlesnakesthat lived around my grandmother's place) I remember those days.

Nor did I hear the mama cow charge when my friend and I came upon her calf. LOL.


jack69 said...

Okay, where is John's 44 at a time like that? Ranchers are 'posed to have their side arm. But I guess you serve as his ears and side arm. Sherry is my ears.

I didn't get to congratulate Pal on the big bull calf. so CONGRATULATIONS!

Glad they are okay and also glad the Rattler left the area of John's feet.

Take care.

JOHN said...

Rattlesnakes,Dont like them .My Sister went out on her front porch and there stood a brown bear.She grabbed her dog ran in the house and got the shot gun.Thank God he didnt bother her.But thats a little to close to home.Granted she does live in the mountains.So I guess she was at his front porch.Depends how you look at it.Im back blogging and plan to follo bloggers again.I mmiss reading them.You take care

Toon said...

Yikes! At least he crawled away peacefully, just wanting to do his snake thing and be peaceful.

Lucy said...

I don't like snakes of any kind but tell John he better start looking down. I have often wondered how the cattle keep from being bitten.

FrankandMary said...

Sounds like he just wanted his own space & had no intention of causing trouble.
Wish I could say the same for some humans.

Leilani Lee said...

Well, I am probably one the few who is rooting for the snake. I am glad he was able to crawl away and live to see another day. Is the calf in danger from coyotes or roving dogs?

Jimmy's Journal said...

We rarely see rattlers in Miami. There are plenty of them but mostly in the south Miami area where there's lots of pines and palmetto scrubs.

We've got plenty of cottonmouths, though. You've got to keep an eye out for them in the Everglades.


Lori said...

Glad he slid on off without bothering John. Thomas' father was bit by a rattlesnake when he was a boy, but they got him to a doctor in time.