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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Things Farm Kids Do For Entertainment

In reading Fernan's blog "Fernan's Shorthorn Farm Life" tonight it brought back something similiar John told me he did when he was a kid. Fernan didn't get caught but John did and a good whupping ensued. Fernan said he took booze from his daddy's stash and fed it to all the cats and young cats to get them drunk. They must have been pretty thirsty because I can't picture my Susie drinking anything like that. Maybe I should try just a little for her arthiritis. John told me when his mama and daddy had the beer joint in Charlotte it was his job to empty all the left over bottles and put them where they belonged. So to keep from getting bored he started saving all the left over beer in a bucket. They lived in back of the beerjoint/cafe and in back of that was their hog pen. That was also his job to slop the hogs (for city folks that means feeding the hogs) so he poured all the left over beer into the troughs.(I can see the hogs lapping that up). They ate or I should say drank until they were falling down drunk. When John's daddy saw them he figured out what little Johnny had done so he questioned him. He got a hard enough whipping he didn't do that anymore.


Donna said...

Yes, hogs will eat or drink anything, especially if it's all mixed up with other stuff. If I ever raise another hog, I may have to try this.

jack69 said...

Welll, a guy needs something to keep him on his toes! Yeah, I can imagine the hogs lapping up those hops!

Yep, we here know what slopping the hogs is.

(WE seemed to always have a slop bucket, Only thing is we also had a Slop Jar. I know the two slops never mixed.)

~mel said...

oh... so you married "little johnny"? lol ... I've heard stories all my life about him being such a prankster!

It sounds like something my brother Randy would have pulled with the cats and pigs ~ but Randy was such a Momma's Boy that somehow I would have gotten blamed for it. ha!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween! Now quit testing the candy ~ it's for the trick or treaters.

Lisa said...

Oh this IS funny! I cannot imagine a bunch of drunken hogs.

FrankandMary said...

I've known a few guys (in the wayyyy past) who've fed weed to their dogs, but never liquor to their pigs.

Barbara said...

ROFL! What a hoot! Of course farmers often wet the pigs feed and let it stand and "sour" or ferment before feeding it. Poor John.

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Lori said...

That's very funny. Poor Johnny!

Shirl 72 said...

I bet the hogs felt good for awhile. Don't know
about the cats they are funny anyway. I thought
you was going to say that John was drinking what
was left in the bottles.


Rose said...

now that's just silly! but funny!