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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Stretch Limo In The Country

It was just a strange sight today when we went across town to one of John's old rent properties. Backed up to the red barbeque place was a looong white stretch limo. Must have been an important celebration. We have no wine and dine fancy pancy places to eat so I guess the limo made them feel special and there is nothing wrong with that. I have had occasion to ride in a shiny black limo twice in my life and to be perfectly honest I felt a little silly. The first time was a ride I would have rather not taken. It was from my house to my husband's funeral and it was included in the funeral plan we had paid for and didn't remember the limo was included. Oh well it was included so we may as well use it and be as comfortable as possibe. The second time I will tell all if I ever start a private blog. Speaking of vehicles we had quite a car chase in our neighborhood late this afternoon. I went out to fill my bird feeder and a small car came around the corner on two wheels with a young woman behind the wheel. In hot pursuit was a young man in another small car. He tried to pass her two or three times in the short distance from the corner to the more main street. She held her own and stayed in the middle of the street and didn't let him pass as he was trying to do. Cars parked on either side of the street made it quite dangerous since there are kids at time playing basketball at the curb and one little girl rides her scooter near the curb. They made a sharp corner without stopping at the stop sign and headed north. I was surprised when I came out later they were both parked at the end of our street and the police were paying them a visit.


jack69 said...

Ah ha! Pauline's country tales are getting more intriguing. Yesterday one of the ten most wanted near by, and now a hot pursuit case, topped by the mysterious limo then a tantalizing bit about the second limo ride by -------! Ah ha again!

You are the best lady, you keep us coming back for more!!! Even without Shelly marie!!!

salemslot9 said...

an x-rated limo ride?
woo woo

I'm glad the
cops showed up

madcobug said...

I have never rode in one of those. At least that ride ended better than the one downtown Saturday night. One young man was killed and two are in the hospital with broken bones. All caused from speeding through a busy street downtown and then jerking on the emergency brake for fun which made the driver loose control of the auto. Joy riding ending without any joy.

Gerry said...

I rode in a long limo once and if I remember right it was in New York City! That seems to fit. So my sister and I came into NY in style. I am glad the race you saw in cars had a happy ending with the police intervening before worse happened. They usually don't.

Lori said...

Wow, a limo and car chase in the same day!

Toon said...

How weird. I once saw the Oscar Meyer weinermobile driving down my street in the middle of the night.

Lucy said...

I have been in a stretch limowhen my second husband was buried in a small country cemetery and that was the longest 7 miles I ever rode. My 20 year old brother that died at age 20 of a brain tumor and he was taken to a church 10 miles away and that was another long ride, because we then rode in the limo when they took him to Palmyra from the church. My sister made all of the arrangements. WoW, he traveled 15 miles. That was in the days when traffic stopped on the other side of the highway.

Anonymous said...

I had one for my dad's funeral as well.
It was sort of spooky. I usually like spooky, but not that time.