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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Farewell To The Ducks And Geese

Yippe they are gone from the stock tank. As soon as the weather clears up I can start calling the turtles and feeding them. I wonder if they remember? I bet they do. We had noticed two ducks missing and John said he bet the renters were going to eat them. I didn't think so, the girls get to attached to their animals. Yesterday John went out ahead of me then told me the geese and the other duck is missing. I thought they sold them on Craig's List as they talk about Craig's List all time.. When we left we stopped by the farm house to ask if they knew their ducks and geese are missing. They said they caught them and brought them home as they had seen one coyote and then had seen three so they figured they were window shopping for food. John is glad they are not in the tank any longer as they were keeping the water muddy and white feathers everywhere. He didn't like it for the cows to have to drink. To be honest I think John had gotten just as attached to those turtles as I had. We have had drizzle all day and maybe heavy rain tonight. We are so thankful as it is sooo dry here and with New Year's eve coming and fireworks there would surely be fires and damage. We still have Shelly Marie and Noel in the pen getting pampered and treated like royal cows. I wonder if Shelly knows how lucky she is. Not many cows get this special treatment after givng birth.


Donna said...

Isn't it funny how the men get attached to our favorite critters but you couldn't PAY them to admit it.

~mel said...

Ducks and geese are messy critters ~ I can only imagine your happiness having the stock tank being clear again... and hopefully the return of the turtles. I think you're right about John being attached to those turtles too ~ he just doesn't want to admit it. My hubby is just like that too. He's the first one to tell me if "my" bird feeders are getting low on food or "mel, YOUR birds are hungry". I always say, "where's MY name on those birds and feeders?"

Have Myelin? said...

My daughter loved turtles. I asked her why one time and she said "they know all the old secrets..." =) She had a box turtle as a pet (loose in her apt) for many years.

Toon said...

Ducks and geese always make me smile -- but they ARE messy.

Lucy said...

Well all I can say is I hope Lucy survived.

jack69 said...

Love the entry as usual. You make an interesting story out of about anything, that is good.
Yeah, the Turtles will remember, They don't live as long as they do by forgetting. hahahahaha!

I thought of you yesterday morning, there were three cute boys in BoJangles with their mom. I gave them all a gold dollar and one copy of Toby. The older guy was gonna read to the younger ones. I told them to pay attention to the poems, a real cow girl wrote them.
They smiled from ear to ear. Boys love to hear the words Cow girl and Cow boy!
We are in Florida now, 70's & sunshine when we arrived.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Although I like ducks and geese, especially ducklings, they are defintely messy. They have the ability to chose what watering holes they hang out at, but the little turtles don't have many options.

I happy things turned out the way they did. Happy New Year!


Marty said...

I hope you have a nice reunion with the turtles and I bet they missed you. I'm sure they'll remember.

J said...

great to hear that the turtles are still around. hey, thanks for your comments on my page. BTW i added you on facebook! my picture is just a 49ers logo, so look out for my request!