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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you have a weak stomach you may not want to read this entry or maybe it isn't as graphic when you aren't right there in the pens watching. First let me say Shelly Marie and Noel are both fine. Yesterday when we left Shelly had still not expelled all the after birth. This afternoon she still had not. Not a pleasant situation for her or us. John could have taken her to a vet but that would have meant loading her which would have been tramatic for her having to ride there bounching around in the back of a trailer and a strange man tending her to put it nicely. John has done this job before having cattle many years. She wasn't happy with him at her south end so to speak so he had to rope her. It took several tries as her horns are shaped kind of different, are thick and wide, and she wasn't standing still. When he got the rope around her head he tied it to a tree. He twisted a small branch around the after birth and pulled. It took a couple of pulls and then it all came out fast and smooth. She seemed fine and started eating cubes. Baby Noel is so cute and tame just like her mama. While John was getting the cubes I called Noel to me and he walked right to me and let me pet him. He is quite the little social butterfly. When we had drove up he was by the gate getting aqquainted with all the other cows and calves who had gathered around the pens peering inside. John put a half tub of mineral in the pens to give Shelly energy. Think we will leave them in the pens for a few days so Shelly won't have to fight any other cows for food.


jack69 said...

Good entry Paula. nature also must be helped at times. Glad it all ended well. Nice bull you seem to have, little Noel.
Take care and thanks for the post, interesting.

We are in NC for a few more days, then off to see the wizard!!!!

Donna said...

Wow, I'm impressed. John really IS a genuine farmer!

Dar said...

We understand Exactly what Had to be done, as we have done it ourselves. Farming has it's occupational glitches just like any job, only the rewards are much greater, don't you think. It sounds like Noel may have been a big boy. So glad all is well with him and Shelly Marie. She sure is a patient Mama. Congrats. I'm tickled pink that Noel came right up to you. He will be following you, ya know, like a puppy.
Loved this entry, Paula

Jimmy's Journal said...

Well, all's well that ends well! Looking forward to a picture of Noel.


Gerry said...

What a good cow midwife John is to keep track of whether the after birth had come which of course is regarded as so important in human births, too, but people don't think of it as important in animals births and usually there is nothing to worry about, but Shelly was maybe older and weaker, so could not dispel it by herself. I have been present at the birth of quite a lot of animals, but that spring with the heifers who could not have their calves topped all my experiences. After my dad found one or two of them dead he figured out what was wrong and brought all the heifers home having their first calves.

Marty said...

Wow ... what an ordeal, especially for poor Shelly. No picnic for you and John, either. I'm glad the story has such a happy ending.

Lisa said...

It's so good your husband knew what to do and how to help her through the birth.

Cindi @ Wishing for my Turn said...

At-ta boy to hubby!...cant wait for the pics!
Shelly is grateful for all the help I'm sure

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula I really enjoyed reading this ~ I am so glad John could Help Shelly Marie ~ and happy that Noel is OK ~ I look forward to seeing pictures :O) Ally x

madcobug said...

I am glad that John knew what to do. I hope everything will be fine now. Helen

~mel said...

Noel ~ such a fitting name! I'm so happy to hear that Shelly Marie is doing okay. Can't wait to hear of the up bringing of Noel ~ and reading down the road from now of his first offspring!

Merry Christmas!!!