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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Noel Comes To Realization

Noel doesn't pay much attention to us any longer. I think he has come to the conclusion that he is an animal and not human. All the little calves come to the fence to visit with him so I guess he can see they are shaped like him and moo like him and look like him. Bet he is going to have fun when John turns he and Shelly Marie out with the herd. I fed a few of the turtles and they seem to remember what it is for someone to feed them. The wind was blowing and the water was rippling and they don't seem to like that. I would think it is hard for them to swim against the ripples. A few came close and one came out of the water. I'm looking forward to a warm calm day so they can all enjoy eating bread and cat food.


Dar said...

I love to watch the calves when they are first turned out with the herd. It doesn't take them long to make friends and kick up their heels.
Nice to hear the turtles still know you. Also, nice to here it's warm somewhere. We have had quite the changes in our weather. At least the wind died down today, but do we ever have the ice on the driveways and side roads.

Sheila said...

Hi Paula, glad you are able to enjoy your turtles again. Noel is on his way to being a ladies man...ha. Take care, Sheila

Toon said...

Aww. They grow up so fast.

Melanie said...

AWWWWW He is cute!


jack69 said...

Don't you just love how Melanie states something, I do.
When the wind dies down you are gonna pay attention and hear: maaaaa maaaaaa! from the turtles!!!

Love from across the gulf.

Lisa said...

I always liked to watch the herd dynamics when the calves finally started to venture out on their own. I know with buffalo the mothers almost seemed to take turns watching the babies to give the others a break. I would always say sew & sew is babysitting. I miss having babies around the farm. Enjoy the little ones Paula.