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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I haven't Lost My Talent

My talent being, finding lost things. Yep I found John's sunglasses today. In the cow pen where else? They could have been anywhere on the ranch. What are the chances for them to be found not broken in a pen with two cows, a calf, and a baby calf? My method is to find out where the object was last seen, the color and shape. Then I scan the area with my eyes. I like to look for lost things but I have to not be rushed. I had plenty of time while John was repairing a fence the old jersey cow tangled her foot in yesterday when he was trying to put her in the pen with her newborn calf so he could special feed her. She wasn't a happy girl and tried to go through a fence to get a way. Once he got her in the pen she was happy as she and the other poor cow have their very own bale of hay plus cubes most everyday and their very own tub of mineral. The other cattle can't get in to hog the feed from them. Anyway John was so happy to have his favorite sunglasses back in one piece.


salemslot9 said...

one of my
least favorite things
to do is
look for something
I can't find
kudos, Paula

Donna said...

I need you to come to Missouri in April and help me hunt for morel mushrooms. Hey, when did John get a Jersey? I must have missed something!

Toon said...

Can't believe they weren't at least scratched!

john wingo said...

That's a right useful talent, Paula. Seems like every couple of days, I could use the services of a good "finder". I enjoyed you accounts of ranch life during this cold weather and got a good chuckle out of your Alaskan company saying they had to go home to get warm.

Lucy said...

That is amazing the glasses were found, not broken. Grandson is coming home today. Long row to hoe but he can and will do it. Found out a lot about trauma this 81 year old never knew,. Take care and how is the weather there now???

Dar said...

Amazing to find those lost shades. I love the search also. Dad taught me so long ago, how to find that needle in the haystack. A sharp eye is a valuable asset. I can spot wildlife, long before any of the guys in the family that hunt., and they always take me along to track with them.
I hope your tangled Jersey's foot heals fast. BlessYourHeart

Marty said...

Woo hoo ... congrats. I'm impressed. Imagine the irony if you had lost your talent for finding lost things???

Sheila said...

Good for you! I'm sure John was glad you found that particular 'needle' in the haystack. Have a great 'rest of the week'. Sheila

jack69 said...

You are just tooo much lady. Great find.
About the rushing you get, most folk are too much in a hurry to pay attention to detail. I am one of them. I do better on my second or third scan (When I start getting desparate) hahahaha.
Glad it is all ironed out and John is happy with his old shades.
From Florida, LOVE

Last night I finally got Toby's Tales on Amazon as an e-book. So anyone can buy it for 99 cents if they have a computer or Kindle. I told Sherry when I went to bed (late) I had enjoyed reading it again, and especially your poems. They should have it available within two days.