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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Kind Of Turtle Food

We put out another bale of hay yesterday. The hay is disappearing fast and furious but should be enough to last until the weeds and grass start to green up and then probably some left over. Noel, Shellie Marie's baby boy, is still such a big baby. If he gets seperated from his mother he stands and bellows at the top of his voice as if to say bring the milk. Shellie ignores him. I forgot the turtle food, how could I? Check=== gloves, sunglasses, water, camera, and purse. I knew I was forgetting something. So John took a hammer and hammered a couple of cubes (cow food) into little pieces. They sunk to the bottom but not before some turtles had a taste. Wonder what they thought about that. Some of them wouldn't even get down off their perch to eat. I saw one smaller turtle perched on a larger turtle on a small limb. It lost it's balance and fell into the water. The weather has been so nice and spring like for several days but we know summer is not far behind.


Kattytrick said...

I just love reading your post! You always manage to make me feel like I'm right there...Thanks! Sometimes I really need to get away!

john wingo said...

Seems to me that range cubes would make pretty good turtle food. It's amazing what critters will and won't eat...a couple of months ago, I shot a picture of an alligator eating Ritz Crackers. Somehow, that didn't seem quite right to me.

Dar said...

We forgot the night crawlers once, taking the kids fishing off the shore, and since it was also a picnic day, my cousin had some shrimp salad, we picked the shrimp out, hooked it and didn't the sunny's just love it?! The kids had a blast, we didn't starve without the shrimp pieces, and besides, the sunny's tasted so much better fried up in the pan.
Hope the hay holds out til the graze is green.

Martha (MM) said...

Glad you are still feeding the turtles. I still stop at the pond to feed them here too :-)

Toon said...

If those are painted turtles -- they'd probably love live insects like junebugs or grasshoppers.

Lisa said...

You have spoiled turtles my dear lady! :)