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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tracking Down A Cowboy

Its time to work cattle again so John has to engage the cowboy with a horse. Too many cattle to do it on foot. We went to the cowboy's coffee drinking place as we spotted his truck in the parking lot. The other regular coffee drinkers know him well and told John he had left with his son and would be back later. We had supper then started our hunt again. By then his truck was gone so we went to the edge of town to see if he was home. His wife was raking dog poop and he had a small fire going in the yard. Do people burn dog poop? Oh well it doesn't matter he is a good cattle worker. So its on for Monday morning at eight. Humm he must be feeling his age. He used to wouldn't accept a time any later then seven. They will have to haul all those new babies to John's daughter's pens to vacinate for Black Leg and then take them home again. Any calves that look to weigh 500 pounds or more will be taken to the auction barn for sale on Tuesday. As we were going out of our neighborhood I spotted a lot for sale. I told John too bad I couldn't buy that lot and make Shelly Marie a city cow. I could honk at her everytime I go to the post office or to Curves to exercise and a lot of other times I pass that lot during the week. Wonder what the city would have to say? Some people on this same street have goats. Some people on the next street over had fighting roosters. I have a feeling they would tell me those people are grandfathered in. No new animals in the city. I know the neighbors would love Shelly Marie when they got to know her. She isn't just any ole' cow.


Dar said...

And now That's the Truth. Shelly Marie isn't just any ol' cow! Since visiting here, well, Shelly Marie has become a part of the family. Even my Grandloves ask about her and the turtles. You are a Good Keeper of the Critters, You and John. Our friend up in KoKoMo always knew just where to find his cowboys early mornings. And met quite a few of them...interesting life. Curves huh? Maybe I aughta try that.

Sheila said...

I bet Shelly Marie would love being a city cow. burning dog poop? hummmm don't believe I've known any one who has...Have a great Thursday! Sheila

shirl72 said...

You can send Shelly Marie to Belmont I live
close to town and I could walk her down to the
park to see everybody. Then we could stop
at the sidewalk cafe and have lunch. She would
have fun. I love baby pigs and I know I would
get alone with Shelly Marie she would be happy here. I have a big yard and full size basement were we could put her bed. We would be the
talk of the town. Jack would probably have to
come home and explain things.


john wingo said...

LOL...I don't know how the "town cow" thing would work out Paula. You know what they say: You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl". Maybe that applies to cows too. I'm muy simpatico with your cowboy...not as interested in an early start as I used to be...gettin' old ain't for sissies!

Kattytrick said...

Paula it's one of my hopes to one day meet and greet both you and Shelly Marie. Should it never come to pass, (which it probably won't) you are still on my list of "Secret Heartfelt want to Do's, and other Distingueshing Aspirations" The lenght of which seems to be getting longer as I grow older! does the time go?!___=^..^=___Kittie

jack69 said...

I tole ya! get you and John a four wheeler to herd that bunch. I think the ranchers out in Montana are teaching the kids to do it ont he four wheelers. They had the competition at the country fair. No horsing around, so it wasn't fun to me.

Yeah, keep getting the cowboy, better yet just get you and John some horses and do it!!

Great entry, and I think Shellie would look proud on her own lot! DO TI!!

Thanks for the prayers.

Love coming from Ypsilanti, MI

Marty said...

Raking poop. Now that's a new one. What does this woman do with leaves, flush them down the toilet?

garnett109 said...

Marty , if you have animals they go every day it is easier to rake and shovel than pick up.
Paul dog poop burns nice with all that metane in it!