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Monday, March 28, 2011

John Made A Mistake

The first one ever NOT. Remember Crooked Foot and her new calf that I wrote about a few days ago? Well Crooked Foot didn't even have a new calf. No wonder it wasn't always with her and no wonder she didn't seem to give a hoot where it was. Yes the baby was nursing Crooked Foot but it was stealing milk. We're gonna have to teach that baby The Ten Commandments. Yesterday it was with it's real mama and it is a twin and it is the smallest of the two. Guess mama gets confused and John was confused too and I stay confused. Today we caught the little thing nursing on another mama. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do when you're a twin and the smallest one and mama forgets she has two. They have a lot of acres to roam around on so they do tend to get seperated at times. It is learning to take care of it's self and smart too. It picks a cow that has a calf and it picks a time when her calf is around and the cow is grazing so she is preoccupied and thinks it is her own calf nursing.


john wingo said...

You summed it up in a nutshell: ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Glad the calf is smart enough to figure that out!

Wendy said...

That is one very smart calf, anyway to get some milk! So glad the twins lived, doesn't happen often and so glad you or John are not bottle feeding, ekk.

Donna said...

We had twin calves one time, and one learned to steal milk from another cow. She would wait until the cow's calf was nursing, then sneak up behind and nurse from the back. She sometimes got pooped on, but she didn't seem to mind.

Toon said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. The calf is learning that early!

jack69 said...

This is an amazing story. I am sure you are wrong, this is the first time John has made a mistake. hahaha!

I like it, a calf smart enough to find a teat when ever it needs it. Borrowed milk. It might not be the smallest for long.

Love from up here,
Sherry & Jack

Heather said...

Pretty neat and sneaky, best keep your eye on that one! Haha!

Dar said...

We twins gotta stick together...I don't recall having to borrow milk, cause Mama never forgot me, I don't think. I grew up strong and as healthy as by twin brother, and now, still trying to work it off. Ha!
The folks had twin bull calves once, and I remember Dad naming them Pete and RePete. And yes, they will do what they gotta do to survive. Most mama cows don't seem to mind nursing another. Loved this entry.

madcobug said...

Pretty smart little calf. Helen

natalie said...

Dearest Paula,
wowie! hugs! :):) That is avery interesting story!Please keep them coming! And please come to my blog and post some more! Thank you! I really appreciate it !