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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ole' Ole' Its Cinco De Mayo

In my country Texas small hometown the Hispanics celebrated Cinco De Mayo in Fatty Barrera's back yard. I don't call him Fatty out of disrespect, that was the only name we knew him by and the name fit him. Fatty had a large cement slab for the celebration to take place on. Inside his house you could find him sitting behind a large round table with taco ingrediants in front of him. I think a taco cost about 5 cents and a Big Red soda about 5 cents and we were good to go. Walking around the yard watching games and listening to the mexican music. Wow! The 50's, a fun time. Happy Cinco De Mayo to you all.


garnett109 said...

Happy 5th Of May to you too!

Lucy said...

Paula your title grabs attention right away. Here you are remembering old times. Sometimes that is fun to just dredge up the fun things that you nearly forgot. I hope you are feeling better.

DD said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too! I was not aware of the May 5 celebrations before reading your post, then researched it. So, I learned something today. Hope you are feeling better, back up to par.

john wingo said...

Sounds like a good party...5 cent tacos! Wow, that's been a while.

salemslot9 said...


our Fatty Melt kitty cat
is built like his Big Daddy


Dar said...

And a Cinco de Mayo celebration to you, Paula. Man, that sounds like so much fun. I'm dreaming of those nickel tacos and Big Red sodas. They sure do know how to celebrate.
John sure is a lucky star to have you around.
Loved that entry.

moni said...

Belated Cinco de Mayo to you too Pauline. We always manage to snag some mexican food for the day and our town has mexican celebrations everywhere, the store, walmart, downtown, the courthouse park, just everywhere. It is a big deal down here. Maximillan was a horrible person and the Mexicans were happy to get rid of him.