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Monday, June 20, 2011

Burned The Tacos

They did more then burn the tacos, they burned the whole kitchen and they think it might be arson. We heard on the news our favorite place Chile Bandera's kitchen burned over the week-end so we had to eat cereal before we left early this morning to tend the cattle and feed the turtles. This hispanic family has worked so hard to make this business go and they've had bad luck. we watched them doing the work themselves for months as we passed. A grand day for them when it opened and then a few months later as two of their boys were on their way to work the one driving fell asleep and one was killed. With a heavy heart they only closed a couple of days for the funeral. Taco places have to open very early to serve other people on their way to work. A drive-thru for a quick breakfast for people who slept a little too late. The Mother often waits the window and she knows her customers. She knows we want a side order of chopped onions and one small coffee with two creams and three tacos. Usually bean and cheese but sometime we surprise her and order potato and egg or bacon and egg , she takes it with a smile on her face. A pretty hispanic women with long thick hair tied back, a nicely dressed figure and always a smile and a hello. A business doing well adding a long cement area for people to park to eat with a top over it for shade. When I ask her what they were building she said like a mini Sonic. We noticed they had started adding the boards for the menu. When we passed this morning the police and other officials were there and there was yellow tape around the building. What a shame if someone was jealous and tourched this building of a hard working family.


jack69 said...

Such a sad report. It is great that you can see and reapect the hard work put in by someone just trying to make an honest living and provide a great service.

I know you always make me want one of the taco's when you talk about them. Hope all works out and they open back up with gusto.
Love from the NC mountains for one more night, then back to town.

Sherry & jack

texwisgirl said...

oh i hope not. either way, i hope they had insurance to cover damages and can rebuild.

Anonymous said...

That's a sad story Paula. I hope they catch whoever was responsible. I think the taquerias are one of the best things about living in South my potato and bacon with bean tacos in the mornings. John Wingo

Sheila Y said...

That's so sad. I hope they are back up and running soon and that they catch whoever done it. Take care, Sheila

DD said...

Sad story. Seems like misfortune comes to the ones that try the hardest sometimes. I hope they recover.
I love the old country shacks in your sidebar. I used to love painting those in oil on canvas.

Marty said...

What a sad story ... my heart goes out to that family.

Toon said...

I hope this wasn't a hate crime directed at them because they were Mexican. People are crazy these days.

Missy said...

That is sad! Some people just can't get a break no matter what.


bettyl said...

How sad that things like this happen to hard-working folks.