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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gift Pig

No silly, not a real live pig. John brought me a whole package of what looked like chocolate pig cookies. They were shaped just like pigs and they were heavy. They had a round dot of icing for an eye. I'm thinking is there a hidden message here. I have gained a little weight. We break the package open and each take a bite. They weren't very sweet and they didn't taste like chocolate and they didn't taste like ginger bread either. In fact they didn't have a lot of taste at all and they were so heavy I felt if I ate a whole one it would drop straight to my feet. We threw the one we nibbled on away and took the rest to the big big kids at the rent house. John is going to have to learn not to buy things from the bargain table. Guess I shouldn't look a gift pig (horse) in the mouth.


texwisgirl said...

well, if they'd have been good, you'd have been tempted to eat them. :)

jack69 said...

Okay, so they weren't good. You did not like them, evidently, after buying them, John the Rancher didn't like the pigs, eyes or not!

Yep it was probably a good idea to look those gift pigs in the mouth, or at least try one in YOUR mouth. Then Give them away. So it was a bad choice, maybe next time it will be a treasure, Well you can always HOPE! LOL

From up in the North (CArolina) Jack & Sherry

Anonymous said...

they must be
behind in the


salemslot9 journal

Indigo said...

I could almost taste them from your description. I don't think I would have tried to eat more either. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Too bad...I guess that's what you get when you buy a pig in a poke! Great story though Paula! John W.

DD said...

Those are the kind of cookies I need, so I can hold myself back...haaa. I bet the kids at the rent house enjoyed them.

Donna said...

If you had some pigs, they would have eaten them. They eat everything.

Toon said...

The bargain tables seldom yield anything memorable.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've spent a few minutes getting to know you and I've enjoyed your pages ~

shirl72 said...

I love little pigs. I have a collections every
size and color I also have pig sticky notes and my PJ's have pigs on them. I have never
seen pig cookies they should have been good.
Sorry you were disappointed.


Lucy said...

I like baby pigs to look at, big pigs to eat, buta pig cookie, I don't think so if they tasted like you said.

Dar said...

At least it wasn't a complete waste...they sounded like they were left without their 'oink'...wonder if the renters liked them?

in answer to your ? Yes, sometimes my twin and I dressed alike...we wore the same striped shirts about the age of 8 as we were pulling each others teeth out with a string tied to the door knob, and I remember sewing matching western shirts of faux leather with criss-cross leather ties at the neckline, for us when we I was in Home Economics in high school. Sometimes it was fun, but we don't do it anymore. Doug and I do share the same receding hairline, tho. LOL Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

I know a few people who are always singing the virtues of 1/2 off or must sell now! places. I doubt it. Go for the best bakery in town & ask them to make some pig cookies ;).