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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bouncy Business

I think I wish I was a kid again but I'm not sure. We used to ride a stick for a horse and use our finger for a gun. When we played house we set up under a shade tree and used apple crates for cabinets and car gas tanks for sofas. We canned china berries for food but not now days. As I'm looking out my back door today I see the king of all kings erupting over the privacy fence of our neighbors yard. Its a castle that takes up their whole back yard. It has all the nooks and crannies and flags Its made of bright colors that would take any childs eye. I can hear the constant buzz of air filling the monster castle out into the beauty it is supposed to be. You see our neighbors have a party supply business. They sell party paper goods and rent chairs but the jest of the business is the big plastic bouncy toys. There are large slides with water streaming down, there are the square bouncy rooms and now a castle to climb in all the exciting nooks and crannies. When they have a party coming up there is more work involved then you would think. They blow the bouncy up to make sure there are no leaks, climb up on it and wash it all over. Deflate it, fold it and load it into their bright red trailer and haul it to the home of the party kid or to the park and reinflate it. Guess they are lots of fun but they sure cost more then our toys did.


Anonymous said...

Probably not as exciting as our make believe things,either Paula.Everything is money today,or they are not playing at all.Thanx for the memories.We played all day and into the evening and did similar things to you here in England.WE sure had some great times as well........Right I best get out the clothes airer and an old sheet to make the wigwam,an old branch off the tree, to make my bow and arrows,for when grandaughter comes and then get my warpaint on (I was always an Indian ) LOL!!He-heeeeeee.Wouldn't let nme comment unless anonymous again Grrrr. Take Care God Bless Kath xx heeeeeeeee.!!!

jack69 said...

Awww Paula. YOu dredge up wonderful memories of the stick horses. Funnny you coud ride for hours.
Oh yeah, boys canned china berries also. But my cousin Ken who was a rascal, showed me how to can and bury china berries. Then dig them up for halloween, they made a great stink bomb!
Go on, play house, that was fun for all.
Love from up in Carolina,
Sherry & Jack

TexWisGirl said...

i'm with you. a huge tractor tire filled with sand, some metal cups and spoons, a dump truck. trees and swings. i was set for hours.

Jill said...

Wonderful memories. I don't think anything could replace our childhoods though..not even a castle!

Lucy said...

I know what you mean. being the youngest I did not have any one to be on the other side of my table so I invented her in my mind. With 81 years of life I sometimes wish I could go back to that innocence.

Wendy said...

Ahh I miss the simpler times, making forts in the hay and swinging from not so fancy ropes in the barn lofts...Michael has a sandbox, bike and pool. I will not buy or rent fancy outdoor toys for him, the pool is a bit fancy but around here it's the lake or swimming hole as far as I'm concerned. He uses his imagination digging holes here and there, grandma taught him that (searching for treasure she calls it). When he was smaller I put a rope up in the tree with a wooden seat, he loved it. I guess it's all how we raise them. I've raised him to use his imagination and use what he can find and he does. A stick becomes a gun, a pencil to draw in the dirt, or a tool to aggravate ant lions...It's all how we raise them I suppose.

Toon said...

Those things tend to go airborne in big wind gusts.