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This Way To My Blog

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Test, But A Pretty One

Iwent back to my old AOL to see if still have so much trouble posting pictures and yes I do. So aggravating. Oh well I can always throw my blog to the four winds. Anyway this is a picture of a Texas cake Leah made for my birthday one year. As far as the people having trouble commenting I have tried to figure out if there is anything I can do on this end and if there is I can't figure it out. Sorry!


TexWisGirl said...

1. set your comment format to pop-up box rather than embed below post. that might help. most often, the embed below post causes folks the most trouble.

2. for folks having trouble commenting, if they unclick the 'stay signed in' box when they first sign in to google, that'll keep them from getting thrown back out to Anonymous comments...

Paula said...

Thanks TexWisGirl.

Jill said...

No problems commenting on your site from me, thank goodness. :)

Love the photo!

Donna said...

I haven't had trouble posting pictures, nor have I had a problem commenting on your blog.

DD said...

This test sure is a pretty one, Leah and the cake!

I also read the tip TexWisGirl gave in item 2 and it works.

Toon said...

Haven't had a problem with Blogger for months.

Dar said...

All's well here, and love that cake~~~
TexWisGirl is one smart cookie~~~
Having no computer sense, she has helped me out on occasion too~~~What a woman~

jack69 said...

WOW, Leah's cake is beautiful. There is always Texas Pride in a Texan. Smoky, Shirl's beau, is from TExas. He wrote a book about his early days in Texas. It doesn't go away.

Never throw this blog to the winds, you have the best on Blogger! You have some of the most interesting tales and we love 'em. Of course we like the pictures, but it is the entries that sparks the fancy.

Love to you and JOhn from up here in NC.