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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Necessary House/ Picture Borrowed From The Internet/Poem by Pauline Lieck

I'm admitting just how country I am when I post this entry. We still had an out house when I was a senior in high school. I didn't feel deprived then and I don't feel deprived now as I appreciate my house with not one but two real bathrooms.
For Jack and Sherry who discoved necessary rooms.
There was a little house a way out back, a good coat of paint it usually did lack.
The half moon window let in a little light, to us oldtimers memories are quite a sight.

Some were one hole Johnnys, some two or more, some you had to be careful not to fall through the floor.

A black widow spider usually made this her home, many daddy longlegs springing on their legs to roam.

All the old catalogs were stacked to the side, plenty of time to look and wish while time you did abide.

The catalogs had another use which we won't mention here. Memories of this little house is quite clear.

It didn't smell like a flower or even like a rose, because we didn't have canned air freshener, I suppose.

This was a good experience, to appreciate more our warm bathrooms with a good floor and door.

It was a necessary house, we like to reminisce, but our shiny modern bathrooms are just pure bliss.


Kay said...

I remember going to visit my step grandmother in Missouri back when I was 17 and (1967) and she still had an outhouse. I had to pee so bad but I would NOT go outside and use that outhouse. Luckily I did not pee my pants (LOL).

FrankandMary said...

We can tell you are pretty country, but that is part of your charm. But I will cop to loving a nice warm, private, bathroom. ~Mary

jack69 said...

Ah yes. At Grams cafe where I found the toilets were called the Necessary Rooms, thank goodness they were inside.
My boys like to brag that they lived in a house with a path out front. True, the house was situated so the outhouse or necesary house was in front. Soon I built an house with indoor plumbing.
Loved the poem (as I do all of your poems). It brought a smile, and some memories.

TexWisGirl said...

amen to that! i've used an outhouse at a cabin and at a rental house my sister had for a while. eek!

Jill said...

I've used on too and will in a pinch but love my indoor plumbing. :)

john wingo said...

Ah, memories! We used to love the tissue paper wrappers that fruit was wrapped in...much better than catalog pages!

DD said...

Good poem, so funny.

Toon said...

The house I grew up in had an outhouse out back, and even though we never used it, it got a new coat of paint every time the house was painted.
(my dad's idea of humor)

Lucy said...

We had an outhouse for my first 15 years then went to the city to stay with my sister and brother in law so I could go to Jr. High. I always thought a snake might be hiding out, so I made all as quick as possible. Loved the poem and old newspapers joined out catalogs.

Dar said...

We have an outhouse at the cabin named after our township, thus "The Eisenstein Dump." It's name gets a lot of laughs. It's actually one like you see at your local celebrations and a lot of ball fields from yrs. gone by, that can be pumped out. Ours has respirators, wipes, canned deodorizers, car deodorizers, and sanitary gloves and hand sanitizer in a carry-basket for the squeamish. I hold it or go in the brush like the bear does, but only in sheer despiration. Funny entry once again Paula...loved your poem.

Missy said...

The closest I have ever been to using an outhouse is a port-o-potty. (I don't know if I spelled that right lol)