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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Withdrawals and Pecans

I've been without internet for hours which seems like days. Seems a storm knocked out the broadband and a man had to drive from Lubbock. Texas to climb the tower. Oh well I did make myself useful when I wasn't checking to see if I could get on. When cleaning the room behind the garage I found a bucket of pecans pushed to the back and forgotten about. I think they were not very good when someone gave them us so thats why they were forgotten. I had a good idea (I thought it was) to take them to the ranch and fill one of the holes in the lane. When we drive over them they would make perfect fill. John had other ideas of course. He decided we would each take half a bucket and spread them along the dry creek bed and see if any would come up. I don't see how they could grow when they are dry and dead inside but I humored him. I walked one direction and he walked the other spreading them out. It was good exercise and I found a lovely place for a picnic. We did have a pecan tree come up at one of our rent properties that we didn't plant so we figured a squirrel planted it. My inlaws had pecan trees tall like you would see on a river bottom and back in the day they harvested enough to pay all their taxes which I'm sure wouldn't be so now. A good friend and neighbor had very tall pecan trees also and she detested the squirrels stealing them. She set a trap and caught as many as she could then she would put them in the trunk of her car and haul them to the cemetary and release them. My inlaws are buried at this same cemetary so when I go there and see squirrels playing I think they must surely be ancestors of the ones Holly, my neighbor released. Can you tell pecans are my favorite nut?


TexWisGirl said...

laughing at the thought of the squirrels in the cemetary all trying to hitch a ride back in cars to wherever they came from... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm nmot much for pecans but around this time of year, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on top is delicious.


Missy said...

That reminds me of a graphic I seen on Facebook. Something about getting the work done when the Internet is down lol

I like pecans too!


john wingo said...

I'm with you Paula, pecans are my favorite...don't care much about shelling them though!

Jill said...

Love, love, love pecans! I hope one of them sure would be a fun surprise!

DD said...

Being without internet is like being without oxygen! Lol.

That is the perfect idea, to take unwanted squirrels to the cemetery, haaa. So funny!

I have big pecan trees and have been picking up pecans for days, my favorite too.

Dar said...

Pecan Trees have a bittersweet memory for me. Myself, Bill, sis and brother-in-law were picking pecans from a friends orchard in Gorman, TX when we got the call from Mel that Dad had passed away. We were picking them for he and Mom under their favorite tree. It's funny what triggers a memory.
Pecans are my favorite nut too...even when having to crack and clean them for a scrumptious pie.
Thanks for taking me back~~~it was bittersweet but sweet! Lots of good memories under that tree.

jack69 said...

Well, favorite nut? John? hahahahaaha,
I hope the sprout. I remember once we camped beneath a tall pecan tree neat San Antonio. We gathered a bunch,the were really oblong and skinnier that what we are used to, but they were delicious. You and Jean talking about pecans today. My sight is blurry, I think I will quit typing.
Sending Love from Florida
Sherrrry and Jack

Lucy said...

Good morning Paula. Would you believe I have never ever seen a pecan tree. We were in the teens this morning but it is warming. My second husband is buried in a rural cemetery and we see squirrels but I am always afraid their could be a skunk or worse. lol Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I feel every day of those 82 years today.

Sheila Y said...

Seems the internet is always out when we need it the most...ha. I just bought a big bag of pecans at Sam's club. Maybe I'll make a pie. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

We have walnut trees here and they are so large and annoying... constantly have to pick them up before we can mow the yard... but I suppose I should make a use of them and learn to harvest them. We may have to cut one of the walnut trees down to stop leaves and nuts from going into our pool. I do love me a good pecan pie now and again!! I hate being without internet also.... even a few hours to me also feels like days. It's such an inconvenience and I miss my online friends!!

Lori said...

Thomas misses the pecan trees they had in Alabama. They are his favorite nut too, and Eler Beth's pet flying squirrel LOVED pecans!