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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Cows Laughed Today

If you know someone who has a herd of cattle what do they say when they call them? My Daddy used to call Sue cow, Sue cow. John yells two cow, two cow. This morning John said he called, he honked his truck horn, and even the roar of the pear burner woudn't get them to come eat the burned pear. He said some of them looked at him like "what do you want old man?' Just yesterday they ate heartily of the burned pear but seems the green clover grew over night and they were grazing on it. Yipee for the rain we have had and there is more in the forcast  for tonight. I even believed the weathermen to the point I made a trip to Wal*Mart to buy Weed and Feed for my yard and spread it on. Hope it rains on it. If it keeps raining here and there the pear burning (burning stickers off cactus for cattle to eat) days may be over for now. Cows are so fickle. If they are hungry and you feed them they love you and remember you. When they have plenty of green stuff to eat they tend to ignore you. Except Shelly Marie of course. Remember her? I still miss her and think of her often.


TexWisGirl said...

glad you've got some good grass coming up again!

the dairy farmer that owned the farm where i grew up in Wis used to call his cows with 'come boss, come boss!'

jack69 said...

I am falling in love with old #37 (that is what I am calling it) on your topper. I love that look!

Daddy always called the hog yelling "SUEY, SUEY!" Wonder why the sound of Sue?

I see you cutting your eyes to your right in the picture, who are you looking at?

You are saying cows are as fickled as folks!

Love from over here.

Kath said...

LOL!! once again.I know I would look at John too,and think the same as the cows do..... if there was something else much nicer in front of me to eat.Haaaaaaaa.Thats why they look at John this way haaa.Hope the rains come for you.Have agreat Saturday .Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Donna said...

I call the cows by saying "Sook calf". That's how Daddy called cows. The cows, of course, will come to whatever words they are trained to. Bonnie is so food-oriented that she will come running even if I'm only calling the dog.

~mel said...

I remember my Dad and Uncle calling in cows ~ "come boss come boss". I bet they're happy to have some fresh clover instead of burned off prickly pear for a change.

Jill said...

It's fun to hear how everyone calls their cows. :)

Glad your getting green pastures again!

DD said...

I remember Shellie Marie. Then there was the Looker.
I am learning something new here on calling cows, even though my brother has a big herd. I am going to find out how he calls This is a fun and interesting post, as usual. Glad your cows are laughing and John can rest from burning cactus.

Jean said...

I grew up on a farm but can't remember what we call the cow with, but like Jack the hogs were suey, Lol. I think the cow was call by her name we only had one at the time. Glad your getting some rain it has rained here twice this week and we did get the weed and feed out before the second one.Lol. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

Where I grew up the way people called their kids was pretty funny as well. ~Mary

salemslot9 said...

I do remember
Shelly Marie
a special cow
does #37 have a name?

john wingo said...

In my family, it was Soo worked but you didn't have to say anything if they heard a sack rattle!

Lucy said...

Good to have some grass coming up. I bet the cows are in 7th heaven. I think I envy you. If you get to my blog and scroll all the way down you will see why. Just posted it this afternoon.