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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

John Bribed Me

He promised bean and cheese tacos if I would go with him early this morning. I've been lax about going since he has a helper now. It was a lot like sardines in a can when we picked the helper up. He is a very large young man and John and I aren't skinny but we made it, Helper wasn't expecting to work today so he came out rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He sleeps with his clothes on so he can get ready fast. Ha. The cows were at  what we call the pear grounds waiting for their breakfast. Before we picked helper up we had our tacos in town and talked to a couple of women who were driving oil field trucks. They said they just moved here from Las Vegas. Our county has changed so much with the oil boom and so many new people have moved in. They have started on a new motel and one of the two new ones are already adding on 30 more rooms. They have started the new apartment complex in our neighborhood. We spotted three little trailer taco stands on the way to the ranch that are pulled behind a truck. They are hauling the Frac Techs to the drilling sites in large vans. We saw a large house for rent for 5,500 dollars a month. It can accomodate 17 people. It's great for the people making money but with it brings bad things too. We just had our first armed robbery. Not something to be proud of. Our little quiet town is turning big city.


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like what is going on in north dakota, too. the towns build up so quickly to add housing for oil workers, then later... pfft...

Jon said...

It takes a lot to get me out of bed in the morning, but I'd definitely get up early if I was bribed with tacos. I love them!

Forty Pound Sack said...

I had a friend who used to say, "Who knew success could be so painful?" He was talking about a situation just like yours.

I'm hungry for tacos now. =)

Kath said...

Well Paula guess it's just the opposite in my part of England.People moving out due to unemployment being so high,seeking work elsewhere.Many moving abroad to Spain less taxes to pay,and hot weather like your own.As for the gun crime,England has got worse on that subject.Tacos sound good Mmm.Not been too good
the last couple of days,
so missed the last posting.Keep um comingthey cheer me .Have a great day.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Bribery is not all bad, sometimes. I think all us men are a little guilty of it. I laughed at sardines, I think I am using that in todays blog entry.
YES, prosperty does bring sith it some bad. I do hate that.

But the BOOM sure sounds BIG. Wonder when it will affect/effect gas prices. Someone should tell the gas stations. Nearing $3.70 a gallon here.

shirl72 said...

People seem to follow the money
and along is crime. It is sad
when these things happen. Why
can't things stay the same.
I don't deal with change very well.
I guess we must move right along.


DD said...

I would have taken the bribe too for tacos!

Oh, now I know why I am so slow getting ready to

Stay with the truck. Don't take any chances of losing your seat again. :) take care.

Kathy said...

The town I was born in (about 15 miles from where I live now) has always been about 5,000 people since the 1940s. It's still 5,000 people but now sports THREE hotels for oilfield workers. What someone hasn't cashed in on yet is some decent cafes or restaurants to feed the people who stay in the hotels. None of them even have a coffee shop!

Dar said...

Breakfast tacos, are these? I wondered what kind you favored~~~now we know the rest of the story. I have never had tacos for breakfast but there's always a first time.
As for progress, sometimes it works out fine and stays the normal, sometimes it brings along even more trouble than what it's worth...I guess it's all in how it's viewed.
Sorry to hear you are having robbery in your quiet town. We never used to lock our doors...a shame when we have to. Trust should not be a thing of the past, but I guess it is.

john wingo said...

Bean and cheese tacos sound great...but that's not a bribe, that's incentive! I know about oil booms and participated in a few...They bring posterity but they also bring crime and mischief. The bad thing is that local folks invest in things like motels and cafes and such and all too often, the boom goes bust before they're paid for and people lose their shirts! In the long run, the only ones that win are the big oil companies.


Success breeds contempt. Bad things are bound to happen, while the good falls to the wayside. The TACOS for breakfast sound interesting. Take care.