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Friday, February 17, 2012

Terry The Tire

Once I was in San Antonio with John to buy a tire for his work truck. While we were waiting I was thinking how hard the life of a tire is, expecially the ones on John's work truck so I wrote this while we waited.

The salesman pulled the tire off the shelf, he rolled it to the installer before he left.

Before now Terry the Tire had led a sheltered life, he hoped his new owner had no enemies who uses a knife.

He was turned and tightened and felt a little dizzy. In just a few minutes his life had become a tizzy.

The other three tires said their "hellos" to him. He thought they looked a little dirty on their old rim.

A rough future was the warning the other three tires gave. Terry though to himself, I must be brave.

Out to the country was his very first trip, this is fun Terry thought as they hit a dip.

The other tires knew Terry's life would be hard, as they neared the cow patties covering the yard.

What is this stuff Terry said to them? It's fertilizer dummy as the driver hit a small limb.

The cows were fed and the tires headed back to town. On the highway they hummed along not making a sound.

As they pulled into the carport the three heard Terry say, I'm tired but this has been an interesting day.

Ouch! ouch! What is sticking me? Oh Terry that is cactus, this is Texas you see.

Pauline Lieck


TexWisGirl said...

lovin' this!!! at least it wasn't a mesquite barb! :)

DD said...

Paula, If I were handing out awards, you would win
Most Original
Most Interesting
Most Comical
Most Poetic
Most Everything Else...


LOVED it. Very clever.

Jon said...

I've never heard an ode for a tire before, but it was great. Bravo!

Indigo said...

You should seriously consider becoming a children's book author. This was delightful. (Hugs)Indigo

Jill said...

This was great!

Jean said...

enjoyed this Paula you're great. Jean

jack69 said...

You beat all, with that great imagination! Love it.

john wingo said...

Poor Terry...doesn't know what he's in for, does he? Great entry, Paula.

Lucy said...

Loved this!! what a way to start a day. A good laugh. You are a pretty good start for the day. Lol Pauline, you do not have those awful words or letters to type to get into some ones blog. Thhey have gone to 2 words now instead of one.

Jhon said...

wow very nice way to start your day with smile