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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ungrateful Little Peepsqueak

Daisy the cat that had one kitten and comes to our back door to eat ignored me today. Yesterday I made a trip to (well it's just a few blocks) Tractor Supply to see if they had a tiny dog house I could buy for her since Susie sleeps in the garage. I bought a combination little house/ scratch post all covered inside and out with carpet. I put it on the front porch to the south of the house away from the wind and rain. I put a pair of my dirty socks in it and some food. I haven't seen her go near it. The icing on the cake was when I saw her coming toward our house for one of her daily meals and she veered off her course to the Mexican family's duplex where they were barbequeing. I called her and she ignored me. I saw her eating something. Probably tasted better then plain cat food. She had better watch her step because they work away from home and are not at home as much as I am. Spoiled cat, She is so fat I think she makes the rounds and eats at all the neighbors. Daisy is probably just one  alias she goes by.


TexWisGirl said...

she's working all the angles, i guess.

Jill said...

She's no dummy.

jack69 said...

I LOVE THAT: Daisy is probably just one alias she goes by.

Yeah she is probably on the PO wall too! hahaha
Just tell her those folks dearly love BBQ CAT! That will fix her!

Love the entry, you are something else!

Kay said...

Daisy sounds so cute. You are so sweet to buy her a home. I hope eventually she will use it.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Cats are notoriously selfish little buggers, LOL. Ignore her when you want some attention. She'll be your best friend ~


That kitty knows what she is doing. She is keeping her options open, just in case someone invites her inside. In the meantime, that little house you got her sounds perfect.

Lucy said...

She is an ungrateful little rascal. I agree with Tarre Terre, she is keeping her options open.

Anonymous said...

Cats expect YOU to be grateful that they allow you to feed them.
I understand Daisy & know many other cats with her, uhm, Tude.