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Monday, April 16, 2012

Countin' Cows

It felt like fall or almost a little like our mild south Texas winter today. Just after I had put my long sleeve shirts away. I gave the turtles a hasty meal so I could get back into the truck. We are counting the cattle often with some cattle rustling going on. They were fairly easy to count today as they were all grazing in two fields and were spread out so we could drive slowly through them. John takes the left side and I take the right of the truck. Thirty six to be exact (small number compared to what he used to own). Next came the calf count. Now that is a little harder. We didn't find quite all of them but the grass is tall and they were lounging around but we think they are all there. One big bull. I think he could use a little help but maybe he's happy. I won't be surprised if John wakes up to at least one flat tire with the mesquite and cactus he drove over. We saw three wild turkeys on the back forty crossing the field.


TexWisGirl said...

dang mesquite thorns...

i like the cow in your header.

jack69 said...

Well what you guys need is his and hers horses to prevent the flat tires!
Counting cows was a game mama had Shirl and I doing on trips to keep us occupied. You could count the cows you saw on your side of the car, but if you came to a grave yard you had to buy your cows and start again.
It was fun until a grave yard came up! hahahahaha
Love from Northcarolina

Jill said...

We had a hard frost here last night. Hopefully, we'll all warm up now.

Oh, I do hope there are no flat tires!

Kath said...

After all your hard work counting cows Paula and the other jobs,I bet you are all too ready for counting sheep most days LOL!!Have a great Tuesday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lori said...

It suddenly got a bit cooler here as well. Rustling is something you just don't think about going on in this day and age, but of course it does -- after all people steal copper out of a person's house, of course they'd steal cattle.