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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Don't Do Mesquite Thorns In My Truck

we went out scavenging late yesterday afternoon to see if the pipeline crew showed up. To our amazement they had laid out the pipe. It isn't near as large as someone had told John and it did look as if they were laying it on the timbers. Of course we were looking from the farm-to-market road since we were in my truck. I don't drive on cactus or mesquite thorns and anyway we didn't have the key to the gate with us. They probably are laying the pipe out on the timbers to weld it together before they lower it into the ditch when they dig it. We drove far around some other roads and the pipe is everywhere. They seem to work fast when they start a faze. The landlord of the middle property is supposed to come out this morning. He has promised to pay John for loss of grazing but the landlords of the east and west has been mum so far. Landlord also said he will have a new lease for John to sign. This is the most important piece of the land as it is where the stock tank, water well, and cattle pens are. The farm house is there too but it is more of a headache. John has to get the lease on the middle property in order to utilize the other two properties.


TexWisGirl said...

hope all the land deals work. what a mess w/ the pipe and all! wonder how deep they'll bury it.

jack69 said...

I once started to work on a bicycle from cactus country, when I put pressure on a tire about five hundred holes bled 'green stuff'. I later found out the tire was full of 'SLIME' used to fill the holes made by cactus.
Yep the lease for the main part of land would be very important I can see.

Love from here.

Chatty Crone said...

What are cactus or mesquite thorns? And what is this pipe being laid for - I forgot. sandie

Jill said...

I really hope the new deal is to your and John's liking!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Pete said the size of the pipe varies wildly depending on what will end up going through it and how far. Made me think and remember the pigs I used to pick up at the terminal in Vidor and haul back to South Hampton Oil Refining in Silsbee the summer of 1980. Large round balls they'd send through the pipe line to clean it out and move product through. They'd get nasty and stinky...suppose that's why they nicnamed them pigs. Everything in the oilfield has some colorful name that someone dreamed up to describe what was all a new process, new industry at the turn of the last century. - Barbara
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