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Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Dog Could Beat Their Dog

At least I thought so. I went to my first Dog Agility Class with my daughter and her dog. I thought she did extremly well tearing through the tunnels, jumping the hurdles and all the others. She was a little (lot) too fast for the sticks she had to go in and out of but it was a fun thing for me  to watch . Not so fun having my Hematologist appointment. My blood platelets are a little down. Seems not so bad but when they are already very low I wish for them to be up some. Now back to the ranch---John saw a very big rattlesnake while spraying mesquite bushes. He didn't have anything to kill it with so he sprayed it and it went the other direction. The gas line company called last week to say they were going to run water through the pipes to check for leaks on Wednsesday. Don't know if they did it or not. When my daughter was bringing me home yesterday a school bus had been hit from behind and went over the rail on the Express way and fell many feet below. Only two adults and one child aboard and all survived with only a few broken bones. Must have been a scary ride and we were glad it wasn't in our direction or it would have been hours before we could get here.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, my. the school bus accident would have been terrifying! as for the rattlesnake, i am grateful we do not have them here. :)

i hope you can boost your platelet count!

Jill said...

The thought of a rattlesnakes makes my skin crawl!

I hope your health issues improve very soon! Be good to yourself.

Wendy said...

Sounds like an exciting few days for y'all. We must have the same pipeline as they are Hydro testing this one too...Fred called them today and got on them about getting the pasture finished and fitted up so we can plant grass seed...I am so tired of the dirt blowing in the pool!! It's getting tiresome! They told us next week they'd finish cleaning up and getting it grated and smoothed out! I can NOT wait for all this to be done and finished!!

Jon said...

There is definitely more excitement in your life lately than in mine! I've encountered numerous rattlesnakes in my time and they scare the jeeters out of me.
The school bus accident sounds horrible. Thank goodness there were no fatalities.

Jean said...

Looks like there has been lots of a school bus accident lately we saw on TV where they had one in Kansas this week and the driver was killed. I hope your platelet count is better soon. Take care.

Martha said...

I hate hearing about school bus accidents, how scary! I'm glad everyone was ok. I sure hope you are feeling better soon!

DD said...

I hate to hear about school bus accidents! We have had our share.

Rattlesnakes are my greatest fear and I don't think we have them here, not many

The dog class had to be fun!

Take care, DD

Kath said...

OH Dear how awful about the school bus.Thank the Good Lord no one was seriously hurt.Rattlesnakes AAAAH I'm out of here LOL!! I do hope your health problem improves quickly Paula.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Wow I saw this entry this morning, we left to get breakfast and I started messing around (In the yard)and forgot it. I thought you had had a dog fight!. LOL
Never saw that type of combination before.
Terrible about the school bus but, what a GOOD thing it was not loaded with kids.

Love from NC
Sherry & Jack

Lynne said...

sorry to hear of your bloodtest results...hoping you can amp up on vitamins to bring them up to speed? My sister has issues and she fares better when she eats organic or fresh coupled with vitamins. Prayers that there will be healing!

Lucy said...

Oh my, that could have been so much more serious. I got a kick out of the lady in Tx. trying to stop the pipeline by standing in front of those huge things that digs dirt.

Dar said...

Man, I hate when we just get to feeling better, and things start to go hay-wire. Hope your platelets begin to behave. Will tuck you in my prayers.
Also the bus, thank God it was not full but still shocking for the passengers. I pray they remain safe.
As for that snake?, I think I would have sprayed him too. Glad there aren't so many dangerous ones way up here.
You asked about kale, Mom eats it sauteed with bacon and onion, similar to the way I do my chard and spinach. So good then just add salt and pepper to taste. Mighty tasty and good for ya too.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I saw that horrible accident on the news and could not believe that no one was killed thank goodness.
Been hearing from several of my friends that their seeing a lot of snakes moving about. I was so hoping they had already started hibernating. hahaha
So glad your hubby saw it and was able to get it to move the other direction. You just can't mess with them.
Are you going to be ok with your platelets so low. I sure hope you will keep us posted.
In response to your comment about my yellowjacket nest I have never seen them like this either and believe me I hope never to again. I just hope the bee guy will be careful tomorrow when he comes to solve this problem.
If it aint one thing out here on this ranch it is another. Of course you know exactly what I am talking about.
Have a great week.