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Friday, December 7, 2012

Two and Two Doesn't Always Make Four

We were out counting cows early this morning. John owns thirty one plus one big bull and several calves. As we drove down the lane I counted thirty five. Humm something is not right here. They are hard to count because some of them are far away and some are near. Some are in tall grass and some turn out to be a dead cactus plant that is the color of this cow in the picture. we finally surmised they are all there where they belong. When we drove to the east property there was another one standing alone looking suspicious. Didn't take us long to figure out she was trying to divert out attention from her new born calf. She started walking in the other direction from where she had been standing. Oh but we were on to her game so John got out of the truck to search the tall grass. Ms. New Mother didn't like that so she stopped to watch him and shake her head in warning a couple of times. He couldn't find the calf so we drove on down the lane. When we came back she had called her calf and she was walking as fast as the could toward the dry creek bed with her calf following close behind. We didn't bother her anymore because the calf could walk well and looked fine. In a day or two she will bring it up with the herd and we can get a good look at it. The weather has been beautiful, not too hot and not too cold. A pleasure to walk around the ranch. Our first real cold spell is supposed to be on the way. In time for our company from Alaska who are coming to escape the cold next Wednesday.


Karen said...

This is such a fascinating story. Being a city girl, I do not get to experience such wonders. Thank you for sharing!

jack69 said...

You have a way of bringing good tales here in words. Love it. Mama used to keep us busy on trips, shirl had a side and I had a side. we counted cows. If we passed a church with a grave yard we had to bury our cows and start again.
Never thought I would actually know anyone who counted cows for real.
Thanks for the tale (of a cow)

TexWisGirl said...

love that cow photo! well, i hope it warms back up by the following week - i'll have family in from wisconsin to enjoy our texas warmth, too.

Chatty Crone said...

What an interesting story about mamma cow and her baby. You own mama right? She doesn't know that though I suppose. So now you have 32 cows.

And doesn't it figure - just when family is coming from Alaska it gets cold.


Donna said...

Those cows can keep a person guessing. Bonnie is just now getting so I can get her to the barn without her making me chase her around the pasture. You would think after four calves she would know I am not going to hurt her baby.

Helen said...

Pretty cow. Bet that baby was pretty also.

Jean said...

We use to get out and drive down in the country and walk in the woods go look at the river and some times take a fishing line to try to catch a fish. Now I wouldn't feel safe doing it. Take care. Jean

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh how i love to read about your outings. You have a way with words that makes even counting cows interesting. Lol
Funny how its been so hot and now your friends are coming from Alaska and it will be pretty cold for our part og the country.
enjoy your weekend

Kittie LeQue said...

Hi Paula! Long time no see! I took a brake from my blog and when I got back everything had changed...can't find my people. Fineily found you...hooray! Wish I was that calf and had someone to leadME around!

DD said...

Beautiful cow. Paula you have a talent for making me want to get on a pair of boots and hitting the trails...even get in the car and drive back out Happy trails to you.

Lucy said...

Glad you saw the calf and you can tell it is strong. We were supposed to get snow but didn't and that is fine with me. Need moisture but not in that form.

Dar said...

On one of our TX trips where we hunt, we counted cows for the ki-boys...what a large herd, it was nearly impossible. Then I tried counting a herd of young stock that was following us through the gate to the campground by one of the ponds. They move around so much, it was crazy. They thought we were bringing them hay or something. I sure miss those days.
Hope the Snowbirds have their winter coats along. My sister down there said it's supposed to really drop in temp. We have snow coming down, it's supposed to drop half an inch per hour. That'll make for slippery travels tomorrow.
Blessings and StayWarm

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
Just wanted to come by and say hello and to see how you are.
Also want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas in case I don't have a chance to again.