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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kitty Caps and Friendly Fences

You can tell John and I don't get out much except to socialize with cattle and turtles and they don't know anymore then we do. I must have been living under a rock because these things are new to me. Leah picked up one of her cats to show me the kitties new pretty caps. What? I thought she meant she had polished it's claws with finger nail polish. No! Just in case there is one person here who doesn't know what they are. They are caps to put on a cats claws so they don't ruin the furniture. They have to take good care of the furniture because it belongs to the condo owner where they are living until their new house is built. They have four pretty inside cats all brushed and clean and pretty with their little caps on. When we looked at thier house they are putting friendly ( I think that is what they are called) fences up. Never seen anything here but unfriendly fences. One person doesn't have to have all the ugly wrong side to their back yard. Every so often they change. So many feet of the right side to one side and then change to the wrong side for the same number of feet. It looks really nice. At my house I have the (ugly) wrong side to my back yard but I can't complain as they didn't ask me to pay half and I didn't offer because they fenced in the easement so the utility pole is on my side and the utility company would have to come into my yard to do anywork. I just added a new country decoration to my side of the fence. I had been seeing an old boot in the stock tank. Finally it appeared on the bank and was dried out so I picked it up, stuck some bright flowers in it and hung it on the privacy fence along with some other country decorations I have added over time.


TexWisGirl said...

yup, have seen those caps advertised in the pet catalogs.

i like the idea of your old boot holding flowers on the fence. :)

Jill said...

I have never heard of those caps! I wonder how the cats feel about them. I can't imagine putting them on a cat.

Love your use of the old boot!

Chatty Crone said...

My DIL had to put them oh their cat when people came over so their cat wouldn't kill us. They eventually come off. sandie


I have heard of the caps but never actually saw them on a cat. I can't believe cats do not find a way to take them off, clever as they are.

jack69 said...

Never heard of ther caps. Imma thinking 'ball caps' when first read it. HA!

Yeah it pays to protect the condo or pay well for the repairs...

Fences get confusing, but I like the idea of the boot!
I believe you are the first I saw do that a good while ago. ((HUGS))

Jon said...

I love cats, but indoor cats can be very destructive with their scratching (I know from experience). I would never have a cat declawed because it's painful, cruel, and unnatural.

I have seen the caps but never tried them. They are not harmful, but I still think they're almost as unnatural as declawing.

Pearl said...

What?! I've never heard of caps!

Hmm. I need to get out more!


Lucy said...

Interesting post. The boot idea sounds good.