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Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Can Only Use So Much Tupperware

I don't think I ever had a party at my house with the purpose of trying to sell a product but I went to quite a few in my day. You could get caught up in the game. She went to mine so I have to go to her's. The only one that comes to mind and always sticks out is The Tupperware party. I knew one lady who had so many and went to so many she had a whole china cabinet devoted to tupperware. One time I was conned into going to one, felt I needed to buy something, but didn't really need any tupperware , so I bought a plastic birdhouse. It was cute so I hung it high in a tree. One day I looked up to see if there had been any takers. What a mess! String and pieces of rag were hanging from the door. What else could I surmise? A bachelor bird had taken up residence. I know some men are very neat housekeepers but some leave a lot to be desired. This batchelor bird left a lot to be desired so I poemed him and it goes like this.

Batchelor Bird

Batchelor bird looked at a house about which he had heard.
He needed a place to live because he was a batchelor bird.

The house made of plastic, hung high on a limb, a perfect place to perch right on the front rim.

Birdie shook his feathers and gave a little peep. He decided where the worms for lunch, he would keep.

He set up housekeeping there, but he wasn't very neat, there wasn't any room for his company to have a seat.

The nest he built inside was half way out the door, there wasn't any room anywhere on the floor.

A man needs a woman whether he is human or fowl, to keep his house neat he really needs a pal.

Pauline Lieck   (Lets see if he finds a bride?)


TexWisGirl said...

too funny!

and for the record, my husband is a much better housekeeper than i am. always.

jack69 said...

YOu are one cool lady. This is a good read...You are right about the parties, it does become a game. some neat things are sold, and I do love some Tupperware, it works.

Now Immagree with the bachelor also, two sons unmarried? Yeah, I have to agree. One could have been your Bachelor Bird hahahaha

Jill said...

haha! So cute and clever!

Jon said...

What a delightful poem! Thanks for putting a bright spot and a smile in my dreary day!

Lucy said...

That was cute. You have a knack for putting the right words together. I remember the Tupperware parties. My daughter in law sold it and did pretty well but whatever she does usually turns out well. She is a nurse now.

Donna said...

You have a wonderful imagination. I have always loved the way you think.


LOVE the story and the poem about the bachelor bird. I went to quite a few Tupperware parties, myself.