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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nine Lives Come In Handy In this Neighborhood

Susie used another of her's this afternoon, but she is okay. We heard a commotion in the yard and it was two medium size dogs chasing Susie. One of the dogs was able to tear some hair off one of her legs but didn't bring blood. She was able to escape when we yelled and John threw his shoe at the dogs. Up the tree she went and had to be coaxed down so I could put peroxide on her bare spot just in case. The dogs ran across the street and had Daisy treed somewhere around the neighbor's truck. I went over with a large broom to try to make them leave. They got her and drug her to another neighbor's yard. She was fighting hard and I was screaming for someone to call the dog catcher. When the dog catcher got here the dogs were friendly to him and he was able to catch one and he had to follow the other dog on foot down the next street. After we got Susie doctored and calmed down we left for the ranch and there were two dog catchers on the next street. I know, not the dogs fault. Owner of pets need to be responsible and the city needs to inforce rules but we couldn't just stand still and let the dogs kill a cat that stays in her own yard because she has been spayed. About Daisy I'm not sure who her real owner is. Someone put a flea collar on her and she doesn't beg me for food anymore but she does stay across the street in my yard. She seems to like to be a loner and it is quiet and shady over there. She does look pregnant often but we never see her kittens anymore or hear them.


TexWisGirl said...

i think you did the right thing in calling the dog catchers. that can be dangerous...

glad susie escaped! hope daisy did, too!

Anonymous said...

Now everytime I see a picture of that cat I hear foreboding undertones. She has used 19 lives.
You should buy her a small derringer.~Mary

Chatty Crone said...

I think you did the right thing too! Cats and dogs are so different aren't they? sandie

Jill said...

GOOD for you! That's just awful. I'm so glad Susie is OK and I hope Daisy is too!


How scary for the kitty. I was attacked by dogs when I was younger and do not really trust them.

jack69 said...

YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT THE 9 LIVES. It is not fun to see an animal attacked. And If I can do something about it I will. You did well. But that girl is using 'em up!


shirl72 said...

I get so upset because people will
not take care of their animals.
We had a standard poodle that lived
to be 21 years old. She was an
inside dog and very laid back.
If you have an animal it is just
like a child and need care.

Glad Susie will be OK I bet it
scared both of them.

Jon said...

Thank goodness cats have nine lives, and thank goodness they can climb trees! I'm glad that they weren't killed by the dogs.

My yard is being invaded by skunks every night, because they eat the food that I leave out for the stray cats. Last night one of the skunks sprayed near my back patio and my whole house smelled for several hours.

Lori said...

I'm so glad you were able to get the dogs away from both cats and that the dogs were picked up. Hopefully they will be returned to their owners, and the owners will be more careful about keeping them put up.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my I am so happy you guys were there and able to save the kitty,
I spend half my life trying to save my cats out here on the North Forty.

salemslot9 said...

God bless you and your John
for saving those kitties :)