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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lil' Hissey Fit

I haven't been able to go with John to the ranch the last two times so was anxious to see Josie this morning and see how she is doing. We don't have a problem finding her now as she makes sure she stays near her mama and mama is usually with the herd. I think her scent and hearing senses work overtime to make up for her blindness. We saw her mama walk off from her and she ran in circles jumping up and down and kicking up her back legs and bellowing. Looked just like a little human kid you see in a store when it doesn't get his or her way and bawls and throws a tantrum. Mama doesn't answer her every whim now. She is growing even though we haven't seen her graze or drink water. We're only out there every other day and for about an hour. South Texas is heating up. We'll be crying for rain again soon but so far the grass is green and the stock tank is full of water.


jack69 said...

Yeah, as we drove into the area on I=10 I commented to Sherry how green it was, and that you had said you guys had had plenty of rain.
Sounds like Josie is growing up whether she likes it or not. LOL
Love ya. We will be in the area for over a week, hope we can get together.

((HUGS)) from Medina Lake.

TexWisGirl said...

glad you're in good condition to go into the summer!


Josie is growing up and learning. That is good. A little temper tantrum never hurt anybody. LOL

Dar said...

Sounds like Josie is bound and determined to get her way...glad Mama is sticking closer to the herd and Josie finds her way, just like a kid.
Also got a kick out of your earring on the bumper and that it made the ride...I did that with a glass of coke on top of the car made it 4't you just find a lost earring on your porch that the weedwhacker threw up from a couple yrs. ago? LOL

Leave It To Davis said...

Sounds like Mama is trying to get Josie to be a little independent. I'd be willing to bet she will be more determined with each passing day to get Josie to depend less on her. This will be interesting to hear about.

You're lucky you aren't drying up yet. Practically overnight, the roadside has turned brown. We are watering our back yard because it gets the hottest sun in the afternoon. We always lose most of our back yard now during July, August and September. I wish we'd have a really mild summer a couple of years so we could get a good establishment of grass again so it might LIVE through the summer!!! I'll be praying for some good soaking rain (no tornados, please) for us all!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Glad the calf is doing well. Nice to know someone else knows what a hissey fit is.

Jill said...

Thank you so much for the update on Josie!