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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Doesn't Take Much To Entertain Country Folk

We have a bowling ally which I've never been in, a dance hall which I've been in once, A movie theater which I've been in once. We have a play house which puts on a play about twice a year and I've been to one. We have a junior college and I've been to the beauty school there quite a few times ( it didn't make me beautiful), the country club I've admired from afar. The airport I've passed by. All the entertainment I need is cows, turtles and country roads (low maintenance woman). For entertainment this morning we watched Josie drink water from the stock tank. That was exciting as we had not known how she would manage that being blind. She drank a lot, probably filling up since she goes to water when her mama goes to water. We wanted to see how she managed to get out of the water when she was finished. Yes a lot of the cows get into the water to drink and yes sometime they pee in the water and yes it sounds nasty. When she was through drinking she seemed a little confused for a minute as to which way to go to get out but she figured it out quite nicely. On to the back forty and along the fence meeting a new neighbor who leases the place for hunting. He was driving a four wheeler and stopped to meet us and chat. He warned us they had just seen the biggest rattlesnake they had ever seen slither into the tall dead grass on our side. On the way back out we saw a jackrabbit and a cottontail which reminded me of all the salad scraps and peeling I had saved in the fridge for them and forgot to bring. All in all it was a nice morning but good to get home before the real heat bore down on our dry parched land.


TexWisGirl said...

i am cut from the same cloth. i don't need entertainment - i have it here. :)

Lori said...

I like your form of entertainment, 'cause then you entertain us by writing about it!


LAID back kind of fun. Nothing wrong with that.

Jon said...

I've always admired low maintenance women.

Your town seems to have a lot more than mine does. We don't have a bowling alley or an airport or a junior college or a beauty school or a play house. Our movie theater went out of business years ago.

Chatty Crone said...

I think this is why some times we all share the same blog friends. I feel the exact same way - of course I don't have the county life- but I like to be home and I enjoy it. My daughter on the other hand has to be running somewhere every minute. I don't think it is age either.


salemslot9 said...

I bet jack rabbit
& cotton tail
will be all excited

jack69 said...

I'm with Lori.
I do like your type of entertainment and your Style! We always enjoy your coverage of THE ENTERTAINMENT

Hugs from NC!

Leave It To Davis said...

My entertainment is these blogs. And yours is one of them. I love hearing about your country life. I hope you have snake leggings when you got out there checking on Josie....the biggest rattlesnake they ever saw??? BE CAREFUL, please!!! We gotta' find out if we have the same great aunt!!!

Donna said...

Amen sister. We are easily entertained.