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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Like My Steak And Salad

When I eat beef I don't connect it with John's cattle but I also don't think it just appears in packages in the grocery stores. Like some of the city kids doesn't know where milk really comes from. They have always seen their parents buy it in a bottle or a box  and they have never seen a cow milked. When I do an entry about taking calves to market I'm always surprised how many people say they couldn't sell their animals. I never knew there were so many vegetarians. Awww I bet most people enjoy a good steak and that has to be raised somewhere by someone. One of the first things John stressed to me when I came out here. Don't get attached to the animals, this is a business, not a hobby. Sure easy to say but not so easy to do. One day when John was burning pear (stickers off prickly pear) for the cows to eat in a year when there wasn't much green grass for them to eat I sidled up to one cow and to my amazement she ate pear leaves out of my hand. Some of you might remember Shelly Marie. She was the most loveably cow, big and lumbering when she walked, but calm. Her first calf John had to pull with a calf puller because she was having difficulty giving berth. This doesn't have to be used very often but sometime has to be done to save the life of the cow and the calf. On this time the calf didn't make it but after that Shelly Marie had a beautiful, healthy calf every time. I got attached, everyone in the country knew about Shelly Marie. She would stop grazing to watch us when we drove up the lane. I talked to her as if she was a person and I'm sure she listened. After years passed John started talking of needing to sell her as she had no teeth left and couldn't eat grass. I saved her from the auction barn as long as I could knowing someday the time would come and it did. I couldn't put a pet that large in my city yard. I could have easily got attached to Josie but tried not to and now I'm glad she has turned away from us and to the herd for company. John even offered to have her butchered but as much as I like my steak I wouldn't be able to take a bite and not think of her.


TexWisGirl said...

i understand the need for livestock of many kinds for many uses. but i can't do it myself. i've never wanted to breed my horses or dogs or anything as i'd not be able to sell their offspring and would end up keeping them all. yes, i do eat meat and know exactly where it comes from. and it is not easy.

jack69 said...

MY dad taught me about animals. I have great respect and love for all animals, but I am not a vegan. I respect the Vegan and Vegetarian. We all have a right to chose out food. I DO NOT tell anyone what to eat, but I do advise against too much fat, only because a Dr suggested it to me.

I raised Rabbits once, and swore it would not be a problem. I named them and played with them. I was able to butcher them, but found, I could not eat the good meat.

I do understand TexWis, but I will enjoy a steak and a hamburger every once in awhile.

Good post, facts of life. (HUGS)

Leave It To Davis said...

I just had a ribeye steak tonight at Cotton Patch and devoured every last was the best steak I've ever eaten! BUT, if the cow was standing there before I ate it, I could never do it. I would have failed as a pioneer woman. I would have been trying to rescue every animal from slaughter. I can't give up my Taco Bell, McD's, Whataburger, or ChickFilA, though!

Leave It To Davis said...

One question...what are we both doing up at 3 in the morning???!!! :)

Jill said...

It would be tough to raise the animal and eat it. I know I'd end up wanting them all as pets. I love my meat though!

Lucy said...

The animals we raised on the farm were our food for a large family, eggs, fried chicken, pork chops, pigs and so forth but I never ever saw them butchered cause I was the baby of the family.

Jon said...

I'm a city sissy. I love steak but I don't want to know where it comes from.

There's a funny family story about my Uncle Carl (my mother's brother). He had a big fat pet goose when he was a child, and he really loved it. One year his grandparents killed it and served it for Christmas dinner. They didn't tell him until after he ate the meal!