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Monday, October 14, 2013

Thinking Of Halloween

Kids at the door yelling "trick or treat", costumes they are wearing are really neat.

Spiders in the corner, webs hanging down. Skeletons hanging from the ceiling dancin' round and round.

Witches on their brooms riding through the sky, scary old tombstones after people die.

Carved pumpkins are posed on the step. Memories of other Halloweens have been kept.

Bones in the cellar making a rattling sound, ghost and goblins on this night abound.

Black cats are creeping while arching their back, kids are collecting treats in their goodie sack.

Wishing you a happy Halloween, enjoy your night, because tomorrow will be normal at the crack of light.

Pauline Lieck


TexWisGirl said...

too cute. :) boo!

jack69 said...

I am of the old school, I love poetry that RHYMES! I like this one.
I'm with TEXWIS: BOO!


I LOVED it. Really good.