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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Speaking Of Birds

We were speaking of birds, right? At least I was speaking of birds with a couple of bloggers lately. It made me think of Pretty Boy. He has been gone for years but I remember him fondly. I was first married and no children so I decided to get a Parakeet. I was told if I wanted to teach him to talk get a male and a young one. I was told to say the same words over and over very distinctly and slowly. I did all these things. Hel-lo Ba-by wanna kissss. Pret-ty Boy and of course the wolf whistle. Two young Polish girls moved into the apartment next to us. The walls were thin so they could hear me teaching Pretty Boy to talk. Some boys brought them home late one night and empty bottles fell on the parking lot making a lot of noise. Someone in the big apartment house turned them in for waking them up. I guess they thought it was us (it wasn't) so they stopped speaking to us and started mocking me through the walls. Hel-lo Ba-by wanna kisss? Pretty Boy learned very well. Later after we moved into our own house we called an exterminator. I put Pretty Boy on the back porch so he would get plenty of fresh air while the man was working. As the exterminator came walking around the house Pretty Boy saw him and did his loudest clearest wolf whistle. The man ask me, did that bird do that?


TexWisGirl said...

how cute. :)

jack69 said...


You are a wonder. I tried to teach my parakeet to talk and he never did. I cannot remember what happened to mine, I was a kid and did not have the patience to TEACH!
Blue band at the top of the beak is a boy, right?

Sending love across the cold gulf!!!

Jon said...

I had several parakeets (at different times) long ago. Some of them would talk a lot and other wouldn't talk at all.

I have heard that the males talk but don't know if it's true. I also heard that blue parakeets talk the most. I honestly don't know if there's any truth to that - - BUT I did have two blue parakeets that talked.

Dar said...

My sister had a parrot and another had finches. None of them talked. The parrot whistled and the finches sang and cooed. I rather loved those. We called in a bobwhite that someone dropped off in the country. We could hear him calling all the time so tried calling him back and lo and behold, here he came. He hung around all summer until an angry neighbor caught him and left him go 40 miles away. And just when the grandkids had him eating out of their hands. I'm glad they never named him.
Hope your new year is filled with joy.


I love parakeets for that reason. They liven things up.

Wendy said...

Too funny!! Michael's last Cockatiel talked and whistled but he passed away just recently :(. I've still got my Rosie girl but she doesn't talk, just whistles at me!!

DD said...

I love old stories and this is a good one.

Jimmy's Journal said...

My first parakeet was named "Oretty Boy". I was 12 years old and the bird whistled and spoke, albeit a bit garbled.