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Monday, February 3, 2014

Now Can You See It?

Found a picture of the front of the old house I wanted for a week-end "get away". Can't you see the porch roof raised, the boards on the porch replaced. Rockers on the porch and bird feeders in the trees. Of course it needs a path to the front too. Sticky traps, lots of sticky traps. A small table in the kitchen (it's only two rooms, no bathroom). We could have an outhouse, what you think? There was an old bed in the bedroom. All new bedding of course with an old quilt for those chilly nights. An old lantern for the table. A shotgun just in case, no just kidding. Above all I would want the old chimney blocked so varmits wouldn't jump in or fly in. While John had the (66 acres I think it was) place we went out one day to find two buzzard eggs on the kitchen floor. John threw them out on the ground and secured all the windows and blocked the chimney. The next time we went out the mama buzzard had laid two more eggs in the little shed in back of the house. We left them there and checked every time we went out until they hatched. They were like little fuzzy yellow balls. As they grew they turned black like the buzzards you see flying around looking for roadkill. As they grew a few feathers grew straight out toward the back. We just peaked in but didn't touch or get too close. Finally one day they were gone to never be seen again. I feel the peace and quiet when I look at these pictures and you haven't even seen the little pond where the wildlife and birds could drink. I wonder what the new owners have done with the place. Did they tear it down and move a mobile out there. Do they camp out? Did they build a pretty modern house back there where you can't see the paved road? All I know the gate is locked so all I can do is remember and wonder.


TexWisGirl said...

well, it is pretty with the flowers blooming and the greenery around. :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

It would of taken a lot of hard work but I can see why you day dreamed about how it could be fixed up. I enjoyed reading this post and the other one about it.
Sorry John sold it and now probably regrets it. I have certainly done that before.
Maybe he will buy another place and the prefect little house will be on it.
We have old out houses out here on the property that I have begged her to bulldoze down because buzzard lay their eggs in them and when I mow around them and don't know a momma buzzard is sitting on the nest it is not nice to find out the hard way. They will attack you and I have experienced it only once and that was enough for me.
I did find out that in old buildings is where they lay their eggs.
Thank you for such a sweet comment. I appreciate you wanting to help me after my surgery. I can't tell you how much that meant to me.
Have a awesome week

jack69 said...

Oh yeah, I like it. and of course it is good to just think on what could be. it is hard to think of the old black Buzzards as once being little yellow balls. (smile)

Yeah you are a dreamer, a good trait.

Jon said...

Heck, if you want a weekend getaway, go to the Holiday Inn. It will be a lot easier.....

Maybe I'll buy the house. I could sure use the peace and quiet. I wonder what kind of omelet I could make with buzzard eggs.


Does make you wonder what actually did happen to it.

Jean said...

I'm writing this from my old house looked kind of like one that was on my husbands dads place when we got married. He later tore it down. If only the walls could talk. Take care. Jean

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I could see myself having lemonade on that porch on a warm summer evening :)


I like your reminiscing and showing us what was here, there, and everywhere!!! You piqued our minds into being there, in the solitude and quiet days of yore!

But, in all honesty, I WOULD have a shotgun nearby. Y'never know.

DD said...

That place is a painters dream! Well, it was back when "country" was in. I used to paint those in oil and still have one that is still a favorite of mine.

S. J. Qualls said...

I wonder about the ones who built it and how their life had been. It would be a cozy place for a young couple - way back when.