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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring Day In The Winter

A beautiful short sleeve day. I know we will have more cold weather probably sooner then later but while it was here I wanted to enjoy it. We have passed a street/road (sometime it's hard to tell in this county) for several years. It has an entrance way made of rock on each side. I never drove through the entrance thinking it was a private road but being curious as you know I am. Recently I observed it closer and it is wide like a street and has a street sign so I drug John kicking and screaming. He told me not to turn there but I didn't hear him, hummm. It was a wonderful street/ road. It is kind of like in town with some houses close to each other and kind of like a road with houses on acreage. One very large place was very interesting. It was full of antique cars and trucks in various stages of rust. Makes me wonder if they sell parts off them or just collect them. We finally came to a dead end where we had to either go into a ranch or turn around. I'm brave in checking things out but usually draw the line on going in to private property. I'm glad we went and now I know what's down that road/ street and I liked what I saw. I had seen an ad in the paper for a soup/salad shop in the next town over on Olive street. All the streets in this town are tree names and we knew exactly where  this one is so we checked it out. Again John kicking and screaming. He doesn't like to go to new restaurants. I told him to relax they closed at four I just want to see where it is and what it looks like. It was in a house, I'm undecided, may go there and may not. We're near the cemetery where our well man's son is buried so we stopped in to visit Trey's grave site. Stopped in to eat a chicken salad sandwich at Golden Chicken and on home with still enough beautiful weather for me to do some yard work. Lots of dead plants from the cold and I think we're due for another cold spell soon.


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a nice little development - almost like what we lived in before we moved here - everyone had between 2 and 13 acres on a small, private dead-end road. :)

our spring weather was yesterday. today we got sprinkles and temps 20 degrees cooler. tomorrow will be freezing again with chance of snow.

Dar said...

no weather report from me cuz I'm afraid to say that 's' word.
I'd love to travel those unknown roads/streets with ya. We need to do more of that around here, but Bill would be like John, kicking and screaming.
Have a warm day.

jack69 said...

Sounds like a great day. I bet he wasn't putting up too much of a fuss!

We tried a new place today and neither of us were please. But that is experience!!

Love your tales... This is a good one!
Love to Brother John!


Sounds like nice great way to spend an afternoon. I'm jealous of your short sleeve weather.

Lynne said...

I love going on such adventures, and as long as it doesn't host a do not trespass sign, it is open road to