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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Are They?

I think it was Jack who wrote about clowns in his blog recently. I looked for this poem and just now found it for Jack and Sherry. I know there are people who are afraid of clowns, not only children, but grown people. I like them, even have a picture of a clown and a clown vase in my laundry room.

Who tickles our funny bone, makes us giggle. Makes us jump up and down and even wiggle.

Who has unmatched clothes so very bright, oversized shoes that don't fit quite right.

Big red circles puffing their cheeks, toys in their pockets to pull out and squeak.

Suspenders holding up their baggy pants, as all around the people they sing and dance.

Unruly hair sticking out from under a silly hat, they sneak up from behind to give your shoulder a pat.

They can pull a trick as quick as a flash, then to the next person they will make a dash.

Up and down a parade route they tease and skip, if people think they are silly they don't give a flip.

A circus can be their job, no nine to five, so bring out the children the clowns are about to arrive.

Pauline Lieck


TexWisGirl said...

nope. not a fan of clowns. :)

S. J. Qualls said...

I don't exactly fear clowns, I just don't like them. They come across to me as sneaky, hiding their identity behind grease paint and outlandish clothes. It's just wrong.


I used to watch Bozo the Clown when I was younger. Funny, indeed. LOVE your poem.

Chatty Crone said...

I like your poem, but I can't say I love clowns either!

Jean said...

I like your poem, I can't say I like or dislike clowns, ha. When Sheila's oldest daughter was two she hired two clowns to perform at her party. That was back when she lived in Kansas. I think most of the kids loved them.

jack69 said...

I love a clown. Always wanted to be one. I do like the poem, but then I haven't read a one of yours I didn't like. Thanks for the smiles..

Sherry & Jack

Leave It To Davis said...

Best clown ever....Red Skelton! I loved watching him when I was little.


A school friend of mine married and went on her happy way...her husband, whom we both went to school with ended up being a professional rodeo clown.

I love clowns!!!

Great work of prose Pauline.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I don't mind clowns but I know some people who are deathly afraid of them after watching the movie "IT" lol

Dar said...

My son hates the clowns, always has so for a Halloween party at work, everyone thought they'd get him...instead, he fooled all of them by arriving as a didn't help his fear but at least he didn't have to look at himself.
nice poetry, once have a real knack for it.

Jon said...

Your poem is absolutely delightful, but I'll have to admit that most clowns give me the creeps - - ever since I saw the horror movie called "Killer Clowns from Outer Space".

Lynne said...

One of my daughter's friends is very afraid of clowns. I did not realize it and had a clown figurine on display and the poor girl turned so white I thought she was going to faint. I have no problem with them, it is some of the movies that creep me out...I think IT by Stephen King had a clown? Anyway, clowns are fine by me. My grandpa used to dress up as a hobo clown and we loved it. :-)

Kath said...

It's taken me quite a time to get into Blogger tonight Paula.Grrr.I like clowns.Love the poem you are so talented.Maybe I wouldn't like them if I watched the movies, some of your followers speak of.Thats why I don't watch any scary movies at all.
Have a nice evening.It's 10-15pm here at Roosters place over the pond.NIGHT NIGHT GOD BLESS xx

Lucy said...

Clowns are not especially funny to me but they are just clowns. Have never been afraid of them.