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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our New Neighbor Is A Rooster

I always thought roosters crowed early in the morning. Not our neighbor which I will name Ricky the Rooster. He crows late in the morning. I think his humans forget to feed him and he lets them know it. A house behind us went up for sale recently. A man from Mexico and a relative bought it after buying a restaurant that has been in business for many years here named Stage Stop. Now it is another Mexican food restaurant, we have so many. Lately I have been hearing a rooster crow over and over and over sounding very close late in the morning. Seems they have given the storage shed to the rooster for it's bedroom. Wonder how it will fit in with the two big dogs next to that property that stand on something to look over the fence and bark and bark and bark. Remember the camera I lost recently? This after noon when I rolled the garbage can and recycle bin from the curb I saw something green in the grass under John's bedroom window. Being the curious person I am, I walked over to check it out. I couldn't believe it was my camera. It didn't look any worse for the wear as they say but the flash doesn't work. The only picture I remember taking was one of John's pear burner being filled with propane. The propane man told us they don't make them any longer and we figured how many years John has used it off and on over the years making it an antique or almost. Probably pictures of cows, you think? Hope they will develop when I take the camera to Walgreens.


TexWisGirl said...

hope the camera will still be okay! we have roosters in the area that crow all day long.

Jean said...

I love to hear the roosters crow early in the morning. Hope your camera is still in working condition after being out for so long. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

Something told me, she will find that camera! And she did. Wonderful, I hated to see your average of finding things DROP like a rock, LOL

A rooster for a neighbor. It must be a pet, no hens to lay eggs?
anyway, chickens and dogs ain't a good mix. My Ace would go over a fence in a minute, even climb a ladder and jump. Hope the rooster survives as long as he crows late.


How exciting to find the camera. You are lucky for sure.

Kath said...

Hi Paula,how lovely you found your camera.My Rooster,crows all the time he is with me haaaaaa!( Wink Wink ) LOL!!I like your Roosters name LOL!! My Roosters name begins with R too haaaaa.I hope he is with you for a long time.Have agreat First day of Spring.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the sound of roosters crowing early in the morning. One of the best sounds to wake up to!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Haven't heard a rooster crow in years. lol You would think living in the country I might hear that sound but can't keep chickens or roosters here to many coyotes in the back forty.
We too have more Mexican Restaurants than a small town needs and honestly none of them are really that good. That is even worse. haha
I do remember you loosing your camera and isn't it something where you found it. Hope you have luck with it and it works again for you.
I have thought of you often these past few months just too down to pick myself up and visit my blogging friends. Of course now I know that was a mistake and even added to my depression.
It is beautiful outside so I am fixing to hop on a tractor and see how much I can mow before dark.
Hopefully I can get them started. I mowed last week but all this rain is making the weeds grow.
Enjoy your day and week. It is official Spring is here. That Rooster will really have something to crow about now. lol

Donna said...

The rooster is probably lovesick and is crowing in hopes that some hens will hear him and come running.

Lori said...

I have come across old rolls of film, had them developed and had some nice surprises. It's kind of like buying a grab bag -- never know what you might get.

Jimmy's Journal said...

We used to have bantam chickens and there were three of four roosters. It seemed like when one began to crow, everybody joined in as if it wee a contest.

The neighbors were unappreciative of the crowing....