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Monday, March 31, 2014

Scratching my head

I like a neat yard so I hire my neighbor to mow and trim and I do all the extra stuff, such as pulling grass out of flower beds. Then there is always washing the bird bath and filling the feeders. John mows his yard with a riding mower but he won't have any thing to do with trimming. Ido what I can but can't do enough to make it look the way I would like it. Last week I was working in my yard and saw a city truck pull up to the corner and two men got out with weed eaters. I wondered what they were up to. My thought was they were going to trim around the stop sign. One man walked down the street and started trimming the curb at a vacant lot  To my amazement the other man started trimming John's curb. He has a corner lot so the city worker trimmed the entire curb on both sides. Humm how nice. What's up with this?


TexWisGirl said...

that's nice and unexpected. :)

Jean said...

I wish we had someone here that we could trust to keep our yards clean, I tried that back when Grover and I broke our hips and the guy that own the yard service did it a few times and then he started sending two other guys that didn't do a good job, when I got able I'm back doing what I can , at least it looks just as good as the way they did it, ha. It's hard to find someone around here that wants to do work.. Take care. Jean


How nice that that fella trimmed the yard. A nice surprise, indeed.

S. J. Qualls said...

Our yard is in desperate need of a clean-up. Dead limbs from the winters storms are scattered all over, the weeds are more than ankle deep, and the place just looks shabby. Once - yes, just once, we hired a couple of guys to clean the place up nice and they did a beautiful job. Other than that single time, well... people are just plain lazy and do what little they can get by with for the money.


...a random acto of kindness!! Now THAT is such a wonderful way to start my day. I loved reading this.

Your photo with the clay sun-god is cool too by the way.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a pleasant surprise indeed!!!

Lucy said...

We have an ordinance that we have to keep the grass and weeds mowed. If we don't do it the city will come in and do it and charge us. We do it!!! Ya know I wonder if John and Joe are brothers, they sound so much alike. We had Sunday in the lower 80's then the Dakotas got snow and dropped our temps down to 29 this morning. Just a steady drop yesterday. It was the busiest house it has been for a long time.

Dar said...

Curb clean-up and by the city, yet! That's a bonus.
I love spring clean-up. It's something that can be started up north as soon as we see bits of thawing., even when the ground is still wet we can start with cleaning up debris and trimming apple trees (if we can get to them through the deep snows), the lilacs & viburnum too. I CANNOT WAIT~
Is the Barrel Cactus and Ivy yours? They are gorgeous!!!
is the header a hog cage of dog cage? just wondering~
Have another beautiful day

Lori said...

I've always enjoyed mowing, but Thomas hates it. So I mow, and he trims. However, I can't do much with a push mower anymore, so I just do the parts of the yard that can be done with the riding mower. Thankfully Eler Beth likes to use a push mower, and so will Thomas if she can't do it. He doesn't like it, but he'll do it. (He says it doesn't look right if he's home, and I'm out there pushing a mower. lol)