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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trying To Be Spring

This is an old picture of what John and I call a Digger plant. I think Anni said they are Desert Yucca. I dug this one up from inside a gate at the ranch ( a place it didn't need to be) when it was about a foot high. Now it reaches far above my little storage building as does the other cacti. They are some of the first things to bloom here. This year it has four of the very large beautiful blooms. The ranch has an area where there are many of these and we can see them along the road way west of the ranch. Anyway today I took a beautiful (to me anyway) picture of this plant with all it's blooms with my new I-Pad air. I'm just not smart enough with electronics to be able to show it here. Maybe if I still had my old computer I could have figured it out. Windows 8.1 is complicated to me. We're still here staying in out of the cold. Packing and unpacking to go to my grandson's wedding. Some days it's warm and I think spring clothes and then it comes another cold spell and out come the warmer clothes again. Trying to find shoes that don't make my ankles hurt. I know I had a little beaded clutch bag to carry a few things in. Must have donated it to Goodwill. Is it chic to wear a roadrunner pin on a dressy dress? It's cute and has jewels (fake). I would fit right in if they were getting married on horses (better yet cows) and the guest could sit on bales of hay. No, guess his bride wouldn't go for that. They are a sweet couple and I wish them many years of wedded bliss.


TexWisGirl said...

i'd be in a world of hurt if i had to dress up for something these days. :)

jack69 said...

Paula, you delimma used to be ours, what to pack. It is much simpler just drive your house there! LOL

Seriously, traveling, this makes life so simple, take it all.(smile)

This weather has been something else every where.

Love from across the Gulf...


Have fun at the wedding. WEAR the pin. It will be a conversation starter.

Jon said...

I love desert yuccas. They're beautiful when they bloom. My parents had them in California - but they didn't bloom every year. For some reason they only bloomed every few years.


Those blossoms [candelabras] on the yucca [looks like the Spanish Dagger type] are gorgeous. And you just pulled this up from the ground and replaced it? Wow. That's great.

This has been a very odd winter...everywhere. And yep, one day Spring, the next day back to winter. And COLD at that, not just a mild winter day...but deep freeze nearly. Make up its mind already?!! Right?

Oh my gosh, that would be a cute wedding ceremony [on horseback, bales of hay for guests and a huge Texas BBQ]...I too wish them happiness.

HOOTIN ANNI said... forgot, WEAR the Roadrunner pin. Why not?!!

And to answer your question about our interest in birding...we are serious birders now for about 2 years...but I've always been 'into feeding birds since childhood'....Bud is my spotter so, he HAS been interested right along with me.