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Friday, May 2, 2014

No Where Else But Our Town

Who would go shopping at Walmart in a looong white stretch limo with a driver waiting by the curb no less? Yep that's what I saw when I went there to turn in my prescription for  sunglasses. Must be one of those rich dudes getting fat off the oil money. I say go for it. In reality the driver probably gave his poor ole Mama a ride to the store while he wasn't busy. He likely wouldn't have any fares late morning in south Texas. Today was my day to get sprung from the woes of my speeding ticket. That time went fast, didn't it? When I got there the door was locked and a sign which read--closed, went to court house, will be back as soon as possible. How long is possible? I had to drive back across town and through that speed trap. It's been hard to drive that slow (30 miles per hour on that street in that area) but whew I'm breathing a sigh of relief. When I went back the door was open and the sign was down but no one at the window. A sign read ring bell and be seated so I did. To my surprise after a short wait the same judge came to the window. I thought I would only have to sign a form with the secretary that I had not had another ticket in the month's time. Oh well maybe the secretary was out for some reason. The Judge which I'm thinking is an assistant was personable again and we discussed the nice weather again, no Judge Judy at all. She said that's it and thank you and I said thank you. Yeah right.


TexWisGirl said...

well, at least it's over!


Glad that ticket is behind you. I'd love a ride in a stretch limo to anywhere. Would seriously make my day.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This reminds me of a comedy bit I saw once where the person said "why do we thank the officer after they give us a ticket?". And I have to admit, they had a point! I haven't had a speeding ticket for a while (knock on wood) but I had quite a few in the past. I use cruise control now to ensure that I am not going too far over the limit.

jack69 said...

Great story about a 'stinking' situation. (smile)
Funny how those "Thank You's" come out from the Southern training, huh?

Funny about them stretch limos. Son Mark did a job for a limo owner once and part of the payment was an evening with the stretch. Lot of carpenters don't be seen in a stretch. hahahahaha

Glad the ticket is gone, thank you!

Sheila Y said...

I thought maybe the limo was some kids on the way to prom but not that early in the day...hmmm. My daughter's criminal justice professor in college in Alabama told them you could go 5 miles over or under the speed limit and you wouldn't get stopped...not sure I would believe it...Hope you have a nice weekend! Sheila

Jon said...

Your story of the white limo at Walmart has inspired me to start digging for oil in my back yard. Who knows - - I might hit a jackpot. At the very least, I'll wind up in China.

I'm glad your traffic ticket ordeal is finally over.
(Judge Judy scares the hell out of me).

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Glad you are no longer a criminal. ;o)